Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Washington Daniel Miller, Notes from Houston speech at San Felipe, April 1833

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Washington Daniel Miller's notes on Houston speech , April 1833



Expelling troops.

Refers to revolution in Texas in ‘32—Piedras
Anahuac, Velasco etc. etc.

Why was this done?

Because oppression was intolerable.

Have done wrong or right?

Upon principle—resistance to oppression.

Law 6th April.

Excluded all North Ams from emigrating to Texas
& suspended colonization.

And its repeal, to be?

Must be repealed.

Merchants not natives.

Interdicted from commerce.

Violated in the Colony.

Immunities in colonies granted which
could not consistently with law be withdrawn
as to merchandizing etc.

Grants laid in Colony 2d

Immunities granted to empresarios
violated in reference to lands.

Plan of Jalapa etc.

Led finally to centralism etc.

New York Land Co.

Fraudulent transactions—impositions
Texas in political character must suppress.

Empresarios monopolists?

Claiming so as to exclude just
pretensions & injure county.

Red landers—how etc.

Money repeatedly extorted by promise to
perfect titles etc. & when certificates & other
forms were granted preliminary to title so as
to receive from 25 to 100$ the comt would
always be arrested by recall before title
perfected; etc. etc.

Why is this? What can be done?

Mexico acting in bad faith,
and trifling with the rights of the people etc.
Remedy, “form a constitution” for the
State[.] Separate from Coahuila
“Then emigration & every advantage will
result.” Friends of the State enough to
support it.”

Santa Anna was only a name used as an excuse for re-
sistance to oppression
.” When people expelled troops in ’32.
What condition of this state? Legislature is dissolved by
a mob and the Governor imprisoned
Our members once expelled


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Washington Daniel Miller, Notes from a speech by Houston at San Felipe, April 1833. Washington Daniel Miller Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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