Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Anson Jones to Charles H. Raymond, August 6, 1844

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Anson Jones to Charles H. Raymond, August 1844


Department of State
Washington Augt 6th 1844  

To C.H. Raymond Esq.
acting Charge’d. Affaires of Texas  


            Information has just been
recieved [sic] through Col. J.C. Hays commanding
on our South western frontier, that Mexico
is actually about to make a hostile
movement upon this country. Enclosed
herewith I send you the copy of a
letter from the Hon. G.W.
Hill Secretary of War and Marine
addressed on to-day to this
Department with the accompanying
documents marked A. & B. which
will place you more fully in poss-
ession of the particulars in relation
to the immediate expected movement
of the enemy[.]  

            Information recieved [sic] from the city
of Mexico through the agent of the
United States Government there, has
made known the fact that, Gen.
Santa Anna is engaged in raising
funds, and recruiting an Army for
the avowed purpose  of attempting to Subjugate Texas
and that in pursuance of his design
he has already despatched a number
of troops from the city of Mexico
& is concentrating them and other
forces upon the Rio Grande[.]

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Anson Jones to Charles H. Raymond, August 6, 1844. Texas Secretary of State Records, U.S. Diplomatic Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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