Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Anson Jones to Charles H. Raymond, August 6, 1844

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Anson Jones to Charles H. Raymond, August 1844


This delay has given great dissatisfaction
to the President[.]  

            It was his impression
that he should at any time in case of threatened danger to Texas command
the aid of the military and naval force
of the United States in the Gulf and upon
our frontier. This was expected to be
rendered in a case of emergency like the present
even, without the delay of an
appeal to the government at Washington[.]  

            It is the wish of the President
therefore that you should immediately
make known to the President of the
United States his understanding of
the pledges given for the security &
protection of Texas during the pendency
of negotiations for Annexation, and
his conviction of the importance to
the Success of that measure of im-
mediate action on the part of the
U States government in the employment
of their land forces on our frontier
in preventing the threatened injury
to Texas; and of such other means
as may be deemed advisable and
proper for the
Same object.  

            This Government trusts that
the action of the United States in reference to this Subject will
be prompt and efficient, a course which
you will urge upon them by every consideration in your power to offer.  

            Gen. Howard[‘s] despatches are [to be]
express[ed] to-morrow to Gen. Taylor at Fort Jesup by
whom I shall send you this communica-

            Should not the required

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Anson Jones to Charles H. Raymond, August 6, 1844. Texas Secretary of State Records, U.S. Diplomatic Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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