Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

J.H. Kerr to John H. Moore, August 9, 1840

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J.H. Kerr to John H. Moore, August 1840

La Baca Augt 9 1840  

Col Jno H Moore
La Grange  

A large party of Indians Comanches
Cherokees & others have surrounded
Victoria[.] [T]hey made their appearance
on Thursday afternoon. [M]any of the
Citizens have been killed and all
the horses taken. [T]he town of Linnville
has been burnt to the ground on Satur-
day afternoon.

            Since writing the forgoing
Genl Staff has arrived express from
the Arensoa [Victoria] where there are about 45
men collected at Mr Hitchens[.] [H]e confirms
the foregoing and states the Indian force
to be about five hundred men.. [A]bout
45 men left Victoria on the evening the
Indians attacked Victoria (with the in-
tention of following them)[.] [T]hey have not
since been heard  of since which they (the
Indians) have surrounded the town in greater num-
bers and cut off all communication.  

            We ask for assistance and that too
speedily, for without an immediate rein-
forcement the whole country will be laid
desolate. [S]hould you raise a force suf-
ficient to attack the Enemy[,] use your own
discretion. As to your  movements, “if not”
rendezvous at Goemantts [?] —on your way to
my  house, you shall have timely notes at
Goemantts [?] of the proceedings of the Enemy
and our Men.  

            Let Burlison [Burleson] be informed of this
and move on to intercept the Indians on the
divide between the Guadalupe & La Baca
passing by Daniels or you can write should
your force not be sufficient to move singly.  

J ames [?] Kerr

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J.H. Kerr to John H. Moore, August 9, 1840. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #1855, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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