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Nathan C. Munroe to Harriet Harper, October 22, 1831

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Letter of introduction for trip to Cuba, 1831

Macon Geo. (U.S.) Oct. 22d 1831.

Dear Madam,

            Permit me (through this medium) to introduce
to your acquaintance and friendship my friend M. B.
Lamar Esqr. of this state who visits Cuba an invalid in
search of Health. Should he (as I have recommended)
abide with you at Harper House, during his residence in the
Island, I beg on his behalf those kind and worthy attentions
so gratefull [sic] to an invalid, and which it is so much your
pleasure to bestow on those who become the inmates of your house
in seeking your genial climate in search of health all
which shall be gratefully acknowledged by

Your friend
and bt Servant.
Nathan Munroe  

Mrs Harriet Harper.

N.B. Mrs. M. desiring her respects to all her acquaintances in Matauzas
and affc [affectionate] regards to yourself, Mrs. Crabb, Mrs. Jenches, etc. [S]he as well as
myself enjoy very good health this summer.


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Nathan C. Munroe to Harriet Harper, October 22, 1831. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #2982, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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