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Rebecca Lamar to Mirabeau Lamar, October 18, 1840

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Rebecca Lamar to Mirabeau Lamar, October 1840

Macon 18th Oct 1840

  Dear Father  

            I am rather ashamed of myself for letting such a long
time pass off without writing to you. I am deserving of a good scolding but
as I have no body to give it to me, I will have to rely entirely on the goodness
of your heart for forgiveness for my past offence. I will now tell you of the
severe and dangerous wound my dear Uncle Jefferson received about
two weeks ago, during the time of the Election[.] [T]he people were nearly all
drunk[.] [S]ome of them took great interest in Politics and some did not[.]
Uncle was one that did not[.] [O]ne of these low class drunken men got mad
with Uncle about something[,] I do not know what, and shot him. Uncle
Thomas is there attending on him. [T]he ball went in his hipp [sic] and
is there yet and it is very doutful [sic] whether it will ever be gotten out.
I commenced going to the celebrated College the 1st of this month, and if
I am not mistaken I am improving tolerable fast. I am in the
second class now but I intend to study hard and get in the Senior class [in]
time enough to graduate in about two years! [T]hen I am going to Paris
and other cities and continue travelling [sic] two years and then I will
be perfectedly [sic] satisfied to remain with you always if you will come to
the United States. Tell my sweet Cousin to write to me soon and often
for she cannot immagine [sic] what pleasure it would afford her
“Becky” for to read her letters. Give my best respects to my friend
Mr Fouster and my love to Uncle Moreland and tell him to write
to me also. I know you will think strange of my writing such a bad
letter to you but I am in such a Hury [sic] to finish to get to my studies that

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Rebecca Lamar to Mirabeau Lamar, October 18, 1840. Photostatic copy. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #3084, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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