Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System&rsquot;s First Hundred Years 1848-1948

Thomas Carothers to the Directors of the State Penitentiary, undated

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Directors of the state penitentiary to Governor Bell, November 1851

as the present machinery of the Penitentiary duplicated
while to the people, the advantage of the warp and wool
rools [rolls] would be treble, what that of the osnabergs is and also
act as a spur to that laudable ambition, that is causing so
much labor, to secure clothing for our soldiers and people.
Gentlemen, I have submitted my views in plainness and in candor.
Its importance I trust will be a sufficient excuse for prolixness.
I have hazarded no word or figure at random. The Penitentiary
with its trained laborers, can accomplish what I have said,
at the same time, I have no idea that any but experienced men
could do so at any thing like the figure I have set down.

Most Respectfully

Thom. Carothers
Supt Texas Penitentiary



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Thomas Carothers to the Directors of the State Penitentiary, undated. Correspondence Concerning the Penitentiary, Records Relating to the Penitentiary, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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