Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System&rsquot;s First Hundred Years 1848-1948

J.K.P. Campbell, Monthly Report, September 1875

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J.K.P. Campbell, monthly report for September 1875

Monthly Report

Remarks—See voucher A for list of Convicts discharged this month

“ “ B “ “ “ “ Escaped “ “

“ “ C “ “ “ “ Died “ “

“ “ D “ “ “ “ Pardoned “ “

“ “ E “ “ “ “ Sick “ “

I regret to say that the Rules & By laws adopted by the Board of
Directors July 16th 1875 and approved by you July 22nd 1875 have not been
complied with by the Lessees. The ration prescribed is not issued to the Con-
victs or the number of meals given[.] For breakfast the ration issued is corn
bread and beef—occasionally bacon—and corn meal coffee without sugar. Dinner
a piece of cold corn bread. No pure coffee is issued, except to the sick in Hospital
and they have no sugar to put in it. A small quantity of rice, sugar, & molasses
were furnished the Hospital yesterday which is the only articles of the kind
furnished this month. This is sumptuous fare for sick men! The convicts get
from 1 to 1 ½ oz of Tobacco weekly instead of ¼ pound as directed by the Rules and
By laws. The convicts within the walls are clothed well enough for Summer. I
also regret to say that the dispensary is allmost [sic] destitute of all kinds of medicines
and how the Physician can treat the 49 Sick convicts without medicines I am at a
loss to understand. The attention of the Board of Directors has been called to this

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J.K.P. Campbell, Monthly Report, September 1875. Superintendent/Inspector, Reports, Records Relating to the Penitentiary, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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