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Annual Report for the Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad Company, 1880

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Annual report for Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad, 1880

switching cars on Galveston Wharf had his right foot caught
& crushed by switch Engine

July 21st 1880 5.30 A.M.

            H. Myers Laborer at shop while coaling
Engine at Galveston Coal Platform chain broke and let
bucket fall on him, injuring his back & legs

September 24th 1880 11.30 A.M.

            Jno Healy [?] Baggage Master Train
No 2 while putting away train in Houston Yard in pulling
pin from in front of Engine had his foot caught & held in
guard rail of switch and leg scraped and ankle mashed
by pilot of Engine

12  None of the foregoing accidents can be attributed
to carelessness or negligence on the part of the Company
or its employees

13.  The present Company have no state lands & have not sold
any since their organization in 1871 the Road and
equipment & franchises were purchased from the
United States Court.

We, Charles G. Clifford Secretary and ex-officio
Treasurer, and C. L. Leslie, Assis-
tant Manager and acting Superinten-
dent of operations of the Galveston
Houston and Henderson Rail Way
Company, on oath declare the
foregoing to be a true, just and
correct Statement of the affairs
and Condition of said Rail Way
Company for the year ending
on the first day of October 1880.

Sworn to and subscribed


before me the 30th

Chas. G. Clifford

day of October 1880.

Secy & Ex. Off. Treasr

_____ [?] Johnson


Galveston County

C. L. Leslie

State of Texas

Asst Manager & Actg Supt of




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Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad Annual Report, 1880. Records relating to railroads, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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