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Petition of Jane Lockhart, November 23, 1851

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Jane Lockhart petition

To the Honorable the Legislature of the
State of Texas

The petition of Jane Lockhart, widow
of Judge Lockhart, deceased, formerly Jane
Sawyer, widow of Samuel Sawyer, deceased,
respectfully represents unto your Honorable Body,
that she emigrated to Texas in the year 1833.
That up to the period of the breaking out of
the Texas Revolution, she was residing in peace
and comfort at San Felipe, where by her own
personal exertions, as a school teacher, she had
acquired some considerable personal and other
property, and means, enabling her to obtain not
only the necessaries, but many of the luxuries of
life. That the whole of her earnings during
those years was swept in a few hours, by the
destruction of San Felipe by the enemy. That
she lost by the buring of that town, her house
and furniture, a library of the value of 500$,
seven trunks of clothing of the value of 800$ and that
her entire loss by said conflagration exceeded the
sum of three thousand dollars. That during the
early struggle of Texas for liberty, she devoted her
time and means, in her endeavor to alleviate
the sufferings of the army, by nursing and
providing for the sick, and assisting to clothe the
soldiers. That she assisted, and worked herself,
for a great length of time, in making clothes
for the men belonging to the command of Travis
and others. That she furnished horses to several
volunteers, amoungst themwhom, was Mr. Belden and
Mr. Duneson [?] of Brazoria County, to each, she
furnished a horse of the value of 100$ each.
That she furnished the materials for and
made the flag carried by Capt. Moseley Baker's
company which cost her sixty dollars.

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Petition of Jane Lockhart, November 23, 1851, Memorials and Petitions, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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