A photograph of a parade with soldiers in World War I uniforms and the US, Texas, and Union Jack flags draped overhead anchored to two buildings. Text on top: In Honor of WWI Soldiers.

The United States Entered World War I On
April 6, 1917.

Over 2,200 Texas A&M University students answered
the call to serve, more than any other American college.

To commemorate their service and honor the 55 who
did not return home from World War I, a flag was
created. For many years the flag was displayed at the
Capitol and then preserved in the Texas State Archives.

On this Centennial Anniversary,
it is returning home to College Station.

Flag Transfer Ceremony
April 6, 2017
10 A.M.
1201 Brazos Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Texas State Library and Archives Commission will
transfer the World War I service flag to Texas A&M
University officials.

The public is welcome and may view the new exhibit:
Texans Take To The Trenches




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