Wood to President James K. Polk, October 6, 1848

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Wood to Polk, Page 7

the true questions involved in this matter, and

earnestly solicit the attention of your Excellency

to them, and to the necessity, at an early day,

of disposing of this vexed question, in some

authoritative and final manner.

This question of boundary, though seemingly

only one of interest, is nevertheless to Texas

a matter of honor. Encumbered with a large

national debt, contracted in the course of her

revolution, she has to look to her public domain

as her only resource for its payment, and the

acquittance of her obligations to those who gener-

ously aided her in her struggle. This consideration

will render the acquiesence of Texas in any

measure to obtain from her any portion of her

territory below 42 deg. or east of the Rio Grande,

without ample compensation, and on other conditions

by her to be imposed, utterly unattainable, and I

am not authorized to say that it could be even

obtained for that.

The last Legislature of the State passed

an act to create and organize the county of

Santa Fe; and to insure the object contemplated,

the Executive of this State was instructed to request

the President of the United States to issue orders

to the military officers stationed in Santa Fe to

aid the officers in organizing the county of Santa

Fe and the 11th judicial district of the State of

Texas, and in enforcing the laws of the State; "and

if necessary to call upon said officers to put

down resistance to the laws of Texas," which

was transmitted to you on the 23d March, 1848.

In pursuance of law, Hon. Spruce M. Baird

was appointed Judge, and James W. Webb, Esq. chosen

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Wood to President James K. Polk, October 6, 1848, Santa Fe Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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