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Required Reports Prepared by State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education

This biennial report evaluates the usefulness of reports prepared and submitted by a state agency to other state agencies by law. Each biennium, the commission will recommend to the legislature the repeal or consolidation of statutory reporting requirements, striking a balance between reducing the volume of reports and protecting the public interest and ensuring government accountability.

Fiscal Year 2015

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Fiscal Year 2013

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Fiscal Year 2011

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Fiscal Year 2009

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Other Reports

Legislative Report — Broadband Stimulus, 2011 - To bridge the digital divide, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission is coordinating an ambitious initiative to reach new or underserved computer users in traditional and non-traditional settings. Texans, especially those in rural areas, will benefit directly from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act broadband grants by receiving increased access to broadband and therefore, better access to resources that support education, employment and self-sufficiency.

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