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This Application Schedule is Now Closed.
Grants will be awarded in August 2014.

Resources for Current Grantees

TSLAC recommends that potential applicants view and/or attend the following webinars:

  • TSLAC Grant Funding Opportunities for FY2015 - Thursday, January 23, 2014, at 2 pm
  • Apply for TSLAC Grants: What You Need To Know - Tuesday, February 4, 2014, at 2 pm

For help in determining the appropriate grant program for your library project, contact Erica A. McCormick, TSLAC Grants Administrator, via email at or phone at 512-463-5527.


Impact Grants

Focused on broad community needs for economic recovery, early childhood literacy, and electronic access to information, Impact Grants are designed to distribute funding as broadly as possible to impact lives all across Texas.

FY2015 Impact Grant Program Guidelines
FY2014 Impact Grant Recipients

Special Projects and Library Cooperation Grants

Special Projects Grants provide funds for programs that expand library services to all members of the library's community. Cooperation Grants provide funds for programs that promote cooperative services for learning and access to information.

FY2015 Special Projects Grant Program Guidelines
FY2015 Library Cooperation Grant Program Guidelines

Special Project and Library Cooperation Grant Recipients  FY2014 | FY2013 - FY2012 - FY2011 - FY2010 - FY2009  - FY2003 - FY2002 - FY2001
Includes grant recipients by program, award amounts, and brief descriptions of grant projects. No grants were awarded from 2004 to 2008.

Texas Reads Grants

The Texas Reads Grant funds public library programs to promote reading and literacy within local communities. 

FY2015 Texas Reads Grant Guidelines

Texas Reads Grant Recipients - FY2014 | FY2013FY2012 - FY2011 - FY2010 (Word) - FY2009 (Word) - FY2008 (Word) - FY2007 (Word) - FY2006 (Word)
Includes grant recipients, award amounts, and brief descriptions of grant projects.


TexTreasures is an annual grant program designed to help libraries make their special collections more accessible for the people of Texas and beyond. Activities considered for possible funding include digitization, microfilming, and cataloging.

2015 TexTreasures Grant Program Guidelines
FY2014 Grant Recipients

To Apply for and Manage TSLAC Grants 

Prospective grantees must register online through the TSLAC Grant Management System (GMS) to access grant applications once applications are made available.

In addition to managing the competitive grant application process, GMS allows grantees to manage all aspects of their grant programs, including:

  • submitting performance and financial reports;
  • submitting program and budget revisions; and
  • requesting payments.

To learn more about GMS, please refer to the Grant Management System Manual.


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