Loan Star Libraries Grant Checklist

Special requirement for Loan Star Libraries grantees receiving $50,000 and above in grant funding

According to section VII of the Loan Star Libraries contract for grantees who receive funding of $50,000 and above, we require completion of a quarterly grant checklist.

The grant checklist is currently a spreadsheet; ultimately we plan to incorporate this into the grant management system (gms) but, for now, it is an external tool.

The idea behind the checklist is that it provides a self monitoring tool for your library to use throughout the grant cycle to help you verify that grant requirements are on task and completed by the appropriate deadlines.

The checklist is, essentially, a breakdown of the contract, section by section, with a place for the grantee to designate responsibility and initial their compliance and/or action on the item.

This document needs to be completed on a quarterly basis, and produceable upon request of a grants administrator or auditor, but does not need to be submitted until after the close of the contract.

The completed checklist must be emailed to the Loan Star Libraries Program Manager by October 31, 2010.

Page last modified: December 29, 2011