Lists of Funding Sources for Libraries

General Library Funding Sources
The Library Funding Sources List is designed to provide an overview of the various types of alternative funding available to Texas school, public and academic libraries.

Library Building/Renovation Funding Sources
Looking for money to build or renovate a library? This list of Texas-based Foundations serves as a good starting point.

Funding for Library Digitization Projects
Planning on digitizing your library's unique collection in the near future? Consider contacting one of these entities to possibly fund your project.

General Grant Information

The Texas State Library’s Library Development Division created and maintains the GrantsTX listserv to quickly disseminate grant opportunities to Texas libraries and to provide reminders on upcoming grant deadlines. The GrantsTX list is open to anyone who would like to keep up with any grant or funding opportunities available to Texas libraries. Sign up now!

Outcome Measures
Outcome measurement is a systematic method of assessing the extent to which a program has achieved its intended result. It answers two important questions: “How has my program made a difference for my target audience” and “How are program participants better off as a result of experiencing my program.”

Page last modified: November 1, 2011