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The Texas Library System is comprised of ten regional library systems across the state funded by contract with the Texas State Library. Nearly every public library in the state is a member of the system. Member libraries receive many benefits from the system including consulting and continuing education services, and support for such projects as literacy, English as a Second Language and automation.

Contact Information

Texas Library Systems Act, Rules for Administering, and Library System Act Advisory Board

Texas Library System Act, Rules for Administering, and Library Systems Act Advisory Board
Provides links the Library System Act statute and its administrative rules.

Other Resources

Plan of Service Guidelines

Long-Range Plan Guidelines



Legislative Budget Board (LBB) Performance Measures Information

Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) Information

View the current LSTA plan covering 2013-2017, past plans, and evaluation reports.


System Orientation Manual (Currently Under Revision)

Basic information about the Texas Library System, including the history of the systems, key principles of system management, and a timeline for annually and biennially recurring system activities.

Systems Negotiated Grant Program (SYNG)

The first awards for the SYNG program were made for FY2010. Three systems received grant awards totaling $662,600. The funding is utilized to provide continuing education and consulting assistance on topics not covered under the Library Services & Technology Act. It is also utilized to address the statewide needs of early childhood literacy, family literacy, and workforce development.

Technical Assistance Negotiated Grant (TANG) Program

The Technical Assistance Negotiated Grant (TANG) program provides technical assistance and consulting services to public libraries and is funded by contract with the Texas State Library through Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding. Funding is provided to the ten regional library systems in the state on an annual basis based upon applications submitted each fiscal year.

Funding varies by fiscal year and system. TANG was created and funded in FY1999. It has been providing technology assistance, consulting, and support in a variety of ways since that time. The primary use of funding has been to pay for a staff person dedicated to providing on-site technology assistance and consulting to libraries in that region. It has also provided funding for third-party training, workshops, and access to electronic training or support resources. Total funding for the program during its existence exceeds $8,281,000.

FY2011 TANG Guidelines [148K - Adobe PDF File]

FY2011 TANG Program Reporting Form [Microsoft Excel (xls) File]

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