Funding & support opportunity from Texas State Library

E-rate is a federal discount program available to accredited public libraries that pays up to 90 percent of broadband costs, but we know the process to complete an application like this can be daunting.

The Texas state legislature recently appropriated funds specifically to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) to support libraries in applying for E-rate. The project, called Libraries Connecting Texas (LCT), provides FREE, one-on-one support and training from a professional E-rate coaching firm to guide participating libraries successfully through the 2019 E-rate Funding Year.

Last year, 84 participating LCT libraries successfully applied for $660,070.25 of E-rate funding and increased their speeds by an average of 927%. 

How much will your library get this year?

To get started, contact Katherine Adelberg at or 512-463-5475.


Need a more detailed one-pager to explain E-rate and LCT to your stakeholders, try this PDF.



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