Introducing Edge 2.0 – An Updated Tool to Help you Assess, Manage, and Communicate the Need for Your Library’s Technology!

Technology inspires both enthusiasm and anxiety. It brings convenience and frustration. And it encourages opportunities for innovation and failure.  The constant juggling of expectations is as exciting as it is stressful. It follows that decision making about library technology means juggling all of these emotions too.  That’s why TSLAC is really excited to announce that Edge 2.0 is launching on Monday, February 11th!

This nationally renowned tool is designed to assist you in balancing these competing priorities and emotions. If you aren’t already familiar with Edge, it is an online assessment (not a test!) that helps library leaders like you make data informed decisions to align your technology resources to community priorities.  This tool is free for all accredited Texas public libraries. In addition, Texas is one of the first states to roll out the new Edge platform state-wide.

The Edge team spent the last year revising the system to ensure that Edge addresses the evolving role of libraries and the needs and priorities of the communities they serve.  Highlights of Edge 2.0 include:

  • An updated Assessment expanding the scope from a focus on public access technology to a broader focus on the libraries’ role in digital literacy and digital inclusion to support the technology needs of your patrons and community.
  • New customizable Peer Comparison Reports that allow libraries to compare results to libraries serving similar populations, with similar sized budgets, libraries in their state and libraries in their region to help identify opportunities to better serve their community needs and priorities.
  • A new Edge platform that improves the user experience by providing a more dynamic, simplified, and interactive interface.

What you Need to Know About Edge 2.0

For more information about Edge review before their new website goes live go to or contact TSLAC Edge program manager Cindy Fisher at or (512) 463-4855 or 800-252-9386 (Toll-free in Texas).

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