United for Libraries workshop – Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: What Libraries Trustees Need to Know

United for Libraries is pleased to announce a new online workshop in partnership with ALA Publishing: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: What Library Trustees Need to Know

You are entitled to free registration if you are United for Libraries Statewide Group Member in Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, or Texas. To register, please contact us using this form.

In this event, Anne Phibbs, PhD, Founder and President of Strategic Diversity Initiatives, will give a basic introduction to EDI and discuss what library trustees and boards need to know about EDI.

This workshop will help trustees and library directors understand how to incorporate EDI into policy development, strategic planning, funding initiatives, board development, and more. Anne will present a variety of interactive scenarios in which EDI issues are a factor, with time for Q&A and discussion.

This 60-minute workshop takes place on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. There is a morning session at 10:00am Eastern, or an afternoon session at 4:00pm for those who prefer a later time.

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