Upcoming sessions at TLA Annual Assembly!

TLA Annual Assembly is coming up July 8-11, 2019! If you are planning on registering for this annual event happening in Austin, make sure to check out the following programs on Wednesday, July 10!

8-9:30am: AR/VR Technology in the Library

Join TSLAC’s library technology consultants Cindy Fisher and Henry Stokes as they discuss the latest trends in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) with a focus on libraries. Get a sneak peek at the future with a hands-on chance to play with Merge Cubes, VR/AR mobile apps, and the new Oculus Go goggles.

10-11:30am: New Texas School Library Standards Meet the ACRL Information Literacy Competencies

Let the games begin! In this session we will look at how the new School Library Standards intersect and connect with the ACRL Information Literacy Competencies and how can we use those intersections and connections to prepare and sustain our students in their successful pursuit of a post K-12 degree. Come and join us for an exciting ride that connects K-12 and higher ed!

12-1:20pm: Brown Bag with TexShare and TexQuest

Come get the latest updates from TexShare and TexQuest! We’ll cover the latest electronic resources and tell you about our plans for the coming year.

2:30-3:30pm: Update on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission from the Director and Librarian

Join Mark Smith, Director and Librarian, for an update on recent TSLAC issues and activities, including his perspective on the 86th Legislature, Sunset reauthorization, and plans for the future.

4-5pm: Census 2020: What libraries can do now?

The U.S. Constitution requires that each decade, we take a count–or a census of America’s population.  The Decennial census, which has been taken every decade since 1790 as mandated by the Constitution, provides an important tally that helps to determine how many House seats are apportioned to each state in Congress, how congressional districts are drawn and how federal funds are distributed to states.   In 2020, the Census Bureau is implementing innovations to make it easier than ever to respond to the census.  For the first time, the public will be able to participate in the census online, by phone, or on paper.   We are also building a more accurate address list and automating our field operations-all while keeping information safe and confidential.

Come and learn what libraries need to do now to get ready.  This session will provide an overview of 2020 Census innovations, timeline, and Community Partnership and Engagement program outreach plans.

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