9 thoughts on “Is your library closed or modifying services? Let us know!

  1. The Longview Public Library is going to be closed from March 18th-March 31st. It will be reevaluated next week if we need to close for longer. Staff are still reporting and offering curbside services and account assistance.

  2. As of now, Poteet Public Library is operating on a skeleton crew (of 1) to allow use of computers to those who need them and to have access to a fax machine.

  3. West Public Library: All City of West facilities closed as of today, March 17, and are to remain closed until re-assessment on April 1st. Library reopening info for Monday, April 6th has been placed on the door, in the paper and online.

    The History of West Museum will be closed until April 30th.

  4. Our city put us on modified operations. Patrons can quickly come in and exchange items but there is no one allowed to stay or hang out all day. All public computer access in the building has been shut down but they can still access WiFi from the outside of the building.
    We have one confirmed case in our county and our admin. said we would not shut down until there is a confirmed case in our town.

  5. The J R Huffman Public Library in Hemphill, TX will be closed from March 30, 2020 with a tentative reopening date set for Monday, April 6th, 2020. Infomation has been posted on the door, on our marquee, on Facebook and in our local papers, both online and hard copies.

  6. Will this info be shared with other libraries? It would be helpful if we could show city management who is and who is not opening and the services being offered.

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