Public Library Legal Needs Survey

TSLAC recently welcomed General Counsel Sarah Swanson to our staff. She has provided essential legal expertise, and has helped us answer many consulting questions behind the scenes. She has agreed to present a webinar on the most common legal issues public libraries encounter in late October. 

We want to hear from you: what legal issues are you most concerned about? Your feedback will be used to develop the webinar. 

Please complete the legal needs survey by Friday, September 3

Registration for the webinar will open in late September. Consider subscribing to the Library Developments blog to be notified once registration is open, or check our upcoming webinars page.

3 thoughts on “Public Library Legal Needs Survey

  1. Copyright laws/infringement – What are our responsibilities in informing patrons other than posted signage? Reading books virtually to open and closed audiences? Making copies for patrons? Online images?

    Forms and other information we should or shouldn’t assist patrons with because of sensitive material/info?

    Legalities of posting photos or videos of library events on social media, in the newspaper, on websites of persons attending – naming them or not, blacking out certain individuals?

    What can and shouldn’t you put on your website? Does everything need to be able to be read to someone for ADA purposes – Are there programs that do this? If so, what are they?

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