Staff Highlight: Patrick Lloyd, TSLAC’s Community Resilience Consultant

As part of our effort to make sure you know who the staff here at the Texas State Library are, we would like to periodically highlight staff members that you may at some point come in contact with! For our next staff highlight, I interviewed Patrick Lloyd, Library Development and Networking (LDN)’s new Community Resilience Consultant and part of the Continuing Education and Consulting (CEC) team)!

What projects are you excited to get started with?
I hope to build a cohort of libraries interested in ongoing, regular training around issues of trauma, antiracism, and community partnerships. I envision this cohort working and learning together for a period of time—perhaps a year. I think this pilot could help us understand what is possible when an entire library staff invests deeply in this work and how such training can positively affect the community the library serves.

What was the last book you read/movie you watched/podcast or song you listened to that you enjoyed?
The last great book that I read was The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea. It’s not exactly an enjoyable read but an extremely informative and important one. This book helped me understand the realities of immigrants who cross the southern border with a clarity I had not encountered before. It is a sad, beautiful, and nuanced book on the issue of immigration.

I also very much enjoyed Lawrence Wright’s God Save Texas. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, but I still learned many things about our state from politics to nature (Rio Grande Cichlids mate for life!) to culture. I’ve read several of Wright’s books and I always appreciate his ability to insert humor and surreality into serious topics. It also helps that he himself is as Texan as Saturday morning brisket.

What is something about you that people don’t know?
I love bubble baths, massages, facials, and related spa services. When I’m not providing training, I tend to present as something of a tattooed grump; a former supervisor once asked if I was into motorcycles (I have never ridden a motorcycle). My love of bubble baths tends to surprise folks.

What drew you to this position?
Over the last several years, I’ve been privileged to have presented in front of many audiences. As an introvert, it’s been something of a surprise to find that I enjoy it! I’m excited to offer training to folks around the state and to help push the conversation within the library field towards whole-person services.

I also collaborated with TSLAC and my new coworkers several times in the past; I knew that I liked and respected them. The opportunity to work with the rest of the Continuing Education and Consulting team everyday was also a big draw.

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