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Howdy, y’all! It’s the Halloween edition of Henry’s High-Tech Highlights, and I am here to heap a hefty hoard of handy hyperlinks to heighten your happiness, hopefully. A hodgepodge, if you will.

Today’s highlight: A variety of emerging technologies of interest to libraries.

A Palm-size Robot Pet that Helps Teach STEM

Meet Petoi Bittle, an open source, build-your-own pet robot dog that fits in the palm of your hand and can be programmed to perform tricks. It’s great for STEM programming as it integrates with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Close up photo of the Petoi Bittle (small robot dog) perched on someone's fingertips.
An animated gif of a robot dog walking along a desktop.

New Virtual Escape Room That Teaches Misinformation

Be one of 10 public libraries nationwide that will host a special Zoom escape room that teaches patrons about misinformation.

A logo for the Misinformation Escape Room

“Is your public library looking for a fun way to teach community members about spotting misinformation in social media? Do you know people in your community who like to solve puzzles, play live-action adventure games, or who are craving some structured social activity? If so, your library can apply to be one of ten across the U.S. to host and evaluate an online escape room game, The Euphorigen Investigation. As part of a project led by the University of Washington Information School (UW iSchool), this game was developed in response to library staff who asked for ways to help patrons navigate misinformation beyond traditional information literacy programs. Euphorigen builds upon the success of other online games about misinformation, and has been designed for and tested by public libraries.”

“To indicate your library’s interest, please fill out this short form by November 10, 2021. The ten public libraries will be selected based on capacity and commitment to host the Euphorigen virtual escape room during January – March 2022, and to participate in data collection procedures. The project team seeks a group of libraries that represent a variety of library sizes, geographies, and communities. See below for more details and how to apply.”

AI Innovation Rundown

In case you didn’t know, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now:

Augmented Reality (AR) Spectacles Can Guide in Mountain Climbing

Animated gif that shows the point of view of a mountain climber seeing super-imposed symbols that show which parts of the cliff wall should be reached for next.

These smart glasses in development include a way to make rock climbing more accessible for beginners. There’s even a dancing monster that appears to celebrate reaching the summit.

Turn Any Paper into a Tablet

Photo of hands holding a piece of paper with a number keypad on it.

Engineers at Purdue University developed a simple printing process that renders any paper or cardboard packaging into a keyboard, keypad or other easy-to-use human-machine interfaces.

“I envision this technology to facilitate the user interaction with food packaging, to verify if the food is safe to be consumed, or enabling users to sign the package that arrives at home by dragging their finger over the box to properly identify themselves as the owner of the package… Additionally, our group demonstrated that simple paper sheets from a notebook can be transformed into music player interfaces for users to choose songs, play them and change their volume.”ld mean your food packages.”

Ramses Martinez, an assistant professor in Purdue’s School of Industrial Engineering and in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering in Purdue’s College of Engineering

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  1. Thanks for this fantastic list, Henry! I’m particularly excited to check out the program that infers floor plans from videos. That will make life much easier for the librarians working on a transformative redesign.

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