Resources for Creating Collections Development Policies and Responding to Community Needs and Challenges

In response to requests from librarians looking for professional resources on collections development policies and responding to content challenges, TSLAC staff have compiled a list of resources available on our website. They have also been included below for ease of access. These resources include common professional tools with information on policy development, reconsideration procedures, tracking questions and concerns, and professional support.


Libraries of all types create their collections development policies and procedures to address the unique needs of their communities, schools, and institutions. These policies, like all library policies, are under the jurisdiction of the library and its governing local authority.

This sample list intended to assist professionals in researching issues. Librarians may also contact TSLAC staff to seek additional information.

Policy development

WebJunction course: Collection Development Policy: this self-paced course developed by the Idaho Commission for Libraries provides a broad overview of how to write a collection development policy, and includes a section on reconsideration. WebJunction is free to use for all Texas library workers, but requires creating a free account.

WebJunction webinar: Hooray for Freedom! Part Two: Developing Policies in Support of Ethical Practice: this archived webinar provides guidance on assessing library policies, and includes a section on selection and reconsideration policies.

Webjunction offers additional webinars and training for professional library workers. Go to WebJunction, which is free to library workers, to learn more.

ALA Selection & Reconsideration Policy Toolkit for Public, School, & Academic Libraries: Guide to creating a collection development policy that includes reconsideration procedures.

TSLAC webinar: Top Legal Issues for Texas Public Libraries: includes information on policy development starting at minute 3:29, and a section on challenges starting at 17:12.

TSLAC webinar: Responding to Challenges in Public Libraries: Ensure Your Library is Prepared: Held on 02/02/2016, this recorded webinar still offers valuable instruction for public libraries in developing policies and in responding to challenges, both in person and online. Presented by Jeanette Larson (Larson Library Consulting), Courtney Kincaid (Assistant Library Director, North Richland Hills Library), and Kate Horan (Library Director, McAllen Public Library).

What is Intellectual Freedom?: This is a brochure from AASL with concise explanations about censorship, internet filters, challenges, online and print resources.

Professional library organizations tools

The Texas Library Association (TLA) supports Texas library workers in all areas of service. Contact TLA staff to discuss topics, including how to develop policies, work with the parents and the community, ensure access to information, respond to the media, or access professional legal resources. The TLA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) educates, offers guidance, and supports efforts to help professionals work with their communities and respond to challenges. To learn more about requesting assistance and support, go to TLA Tools & Resources.

The American Library Association (ALA) Office of Intellectual Freedom also provides support and resources to librarians. Inquiries can be directed via email to or via phone at (312) 280-4226.

TSLAC staff can provide additional professional support and suggest additional informational resources.

Other detailed resources may be accessed at the TLA Tools & Resources page.

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