Broadband Listening Tour – Spread the Word!

Video featuring Glenn Hegar, Texas Comptroller, appealing to you to provide input on your broadband and connectivity needs.

There are almost 3.2 million Texas households that do not subscribe to home broadband service (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019), and about 165,000 Texas households that do not even have access to infrastructure to support broadband speeds (Connected Nation Texas, 2022). Libraries are well versed in the connectivity inequity in our communities and have always played a vital role in bridging the divide divide; the pandemic brought this to the forefront.

Created during the 2021 Legislative Session via House Bill 5, the Broadband Development Office (BDO) was tasked with devising a State Broadband Plan. In order to ensure that this plan is informed by the needs of all Texans and to guide the strategic vision of the new Broadband Development Office, Comptroller Glenn Hegar will tour 12 communities to get insights from Texans and collect input to develop the state’s first broadband plan to be delivered June 15, 2022. These events are free, and Texans are encouraged to attend and share thoughts about broadband services in their communities.

Ensure that your community is well represented by spreading the word! There are both in-person and online opportunities to provide feedback. More information below.

Tour Schedule
Times and registration links will be updated on the Broadband Development Office’s website.

  • March 07 | Victoria | 2-3 PM | Register
  • March 10 | Austin | 2-3 PM  | Register
  • March 22 | Dallas-Fort Worth
  • March 24 | Amarillo 
  • March 31 | Beaumont
  • April 4      | Waco 
  • April 6      | Tyler
  • April 7      | Abilene
  • April 11    | El Paso
  • April 26    | Edinburg
  • April 28    | San Angelo

For those unable to make a physical in-person meeting, you can also register your feedback through an online survey through May 5, 2022.

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