Help Texans Provide Feedback to the Broadband Development Office about Connectivity Needs via Survey

The Broadband Development Office needs your help to get the word out about their broadband access survey by May 5!

In conjunction with their listening tour, the Broadband Development Office is collecting feedback via an online survey of Texans’s connectivity needs. Findings will be used to inform the Statewide Broadband Plan which will guide strategy on how to close the digital divide.

They have asked TSLAC to help get the word out about the survey—they want anyone and everyone to fill it out! Libraries know well the challenges that Texans have to Internet and devices access so we are well-positioned to share this information with our patrons and with our community partners. The data collection process ends on May 5.

Online Survey Link:

Printable PDF Surveys

How To Promote:

  • Print copies for takeaway from the check-out desk
  • Share with community partners, especially those who work with underserved populations that may not have ready access to connectivity or devices
  • Post links on your social media and website (if possible)
  • Share with your library board, city/county stakeholders, etc.

What other ways will you help get the word out? Share your ideas below!

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