Survey Participation Needed: UNCG’s Public Library Food Service Census

We are sharing the following call for survey participation for our friends at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Does your library currently support food literacy and food access? If so, please consider participating in the following study around the range of ways in which public librarianship and food come together. This study will help support and identify future continuing education needs and help gauge the interests of public library workers in these topics.

Modeled on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School Census, Dr. Nicole Peritore of the Public Health Education program at Augusta (GA) University, and former Senior Specialist for Family Health at the University of Kentucky Extension, collaborated with Dr. Noah Lenstra to create a Public Library Food Service Census.

During the month of April 2022, we are asking public library workers across North America to share with us:

1. How your library currently supports food literacy and food access.

2. How your library has supported food literacy and food access in the past.

3. What resources you may need to better support food literacy and food access at your library.

Results of this Census will be shared online publicly. Email Noah Lenstra,, to request that results be shared with you.

We hope to use the data collected to drive forward the conversation on food and librarianship, and to create stronger partnerships with allied sectors in schools, agriculture, and health. The survey is now available online, and will be open throughout the month of April.

Direct link to Public Library Food Service Census:

Thank you for your time, and please share broadly!
– Nicole Peritore and Noah Lenstra

Texas representation is needed in the study, so please take a moment and add your library to the census. For questions about the Public Library Food Service Census, please email Dr. Noah Lenstra at

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