The Quarterdeck, Part 1: Being in Command on the Oceans of Possibilities with ReadSquared

As you review the administrative tools your library uses to manage services and programming, consider leveraging online resources to maximize your efforts. In the following interview, fellow library worker Rebecca Ivey explains how what began as a seasonal offering quickly became a staple in the library’s suite of services.


Question 1: What online tool are you promoting?

  • Name: ReadSquared
  • Purpose: We selected this platform in 2018, based on its ability to log patron reading records.
  • Price: Approximately $3600

Question 2: How did you find out about this tool?

We were looking for an online reading program tool, and this is the one that other libraries in our area were using. After researching the platform, we realized it would work for our library system as well.

Question 3: As a youth services library worker, how do you use this tool to support your community?

We initially used ReadSquared for our Summer Reading Challenge.  Our staff was thrilled to electronically track readers and distribute prizes via the platform, but we quickly realized that we could do more for our community and started a Winter Reading Resolution challenge in 2019.  Then, in 2021, we incorporated a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. In short, we’ve loved how this program has allowed us to expand our services and encourage our patrons to set year-round reading goals.


Rebecca Ivey is a Public Services Librarian, specializing in Youth Services at Denton Public Library South Branch since 2007.  She served numerous terms as Chair of the Summer Reading Committee, introduced 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten to Denton, and received several grants to further support literacy needs at the library. Rebecca is currently serving as Chair of the Texas Library Association’s 2×2 Reading List Committee and has served as Adjunct Professor for the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas for the past two years.


This is part of a series written for the CSLP slogan “Oceans of Possibilities.” For the associated programming resources, graphics, and book lists, peruse the 2022 program manual on the CSLP website.


For more information, visit our youth services page, contact Christina Taylor at, or call 512-463-5465.

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