Top-Quality Opportunity for Growth with SCALEUP

Naturally, libraries are part of the public workforce system, and libraries can strengthen and further the progress and the prosperity of their communities by supporting local business owners and encouraging the growth of local and small business. Simply put, the success of local businesses creates a positive ripple effect in that it boosts local economies and leads to more local job opportunities, among many other benefits.

One easy way libraries can help local business owners today is by raising awareness and informing their communities about SCALEUP, which is a high-value business development program created by Texas State University (TSU). SCALEUP is dedicated to assisting and advancing the success of entrepreneurs and small businesses, particularly minority-owned businesses. Check out SCALEUP’s webpage for more information about the importance and the far-reaching results of backing the prosperity of these businesses, and see a presentation from two members of the SCALEUP team (Daniel Roy and Josh Daspit, Ph.D.):

As with libraries, local and small business owners care about and invest in their communities, and in partnership with TSU’s SCALEUP program, you, as is customary, can make a powerful impact in your community by telling people, including colleagues, partners, and neighbors, about this tremendous opportunity for business owners through as many channels as possible. Moreover, the advantage of having experts and research-based solutions to make one’s business thrive is not a chance to be missed.

Luckily for us, the SCALEUP team has graciously created a webpage for libraries with the following materials:

Please download and post the text and the graphics on your websites, newsletters, social media, email blasts, and any other dissemination tools you have. Also, if you would like to get in contact with the SCALEUP team, they can be reached at

Help spread the word, and as always, stay in touch, and may your communities always be prosperous!

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