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In the spirit of libraries supporting entrepreneurs and small business development, let’s disseminate information as far and wide as we can about the inaugural GRIT (Great Resilience in Texas) Awards, hosted by Texas State University’s Center of Excellence for Community Health and Economic Resilience Research (CHERR). Please note that nominations close on December 1, 2022!

CHERR’s Resilience Research Programs Director, Jessica Schneider, said, “Our goal is to celebrate the resilience of small businesses in Texas and to share their stories and the innovative actions they took to when faced with a pandemic, winter storm, or other significant events in recent years,” and libraries can help to promote this wonderful opportunity using the social media kit CHERR created, “which includes both general and regionally-designed graphics for Texas,” said Jessica Schneider:

The winners will be announced at a live, online event on March 21, 2023, and a few of the many reasons why this is an excellent program for small businesses is that:

  • The stories of these small businesses will made into professional videos, which not only will be presented at the event but also the small business owners will be able to use them for their own marketing goals.
  • Winners will receive a badge for their website and an award plaque.
  • All GRIT winners and nominees will be able to join CHERR’s resilience network “where small businesses can access economic resilience resources and learn best practices for economic growth,” said Jessica Schneider.

So, if you have a favorite local business, or if you want to nominate the small business of anyone you know, be sure to nominate them before nominations close on December 1, and pass this information on to all of your networks!

For more information, please contact:

Jessica Schneider, MATC, CRA
Director, Resilience Research Programs
Translational Health Research Center (THRC)
Community Health and Economic Resilience Research (CHERR)
Texas State University |  

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