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As the new year has sprung right into action, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is here to give you a boost by connecting you to our youth services. Here are the tools that can help you stay one step ahead!

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Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Newsletter

In this monthly newsletter, CSLP offers the latest news and information about the current program.

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Family Place Library Listserv

Family Place Libraries™ uses this private list to provide updates about the national program. Texas Family Place Library Project grantees should be able to update their contact information via their library’s member login. Please contact us if you need help connecting with the national organizers.

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Texas Summer Library Program Newsletter

TSLAC uses the Texas Summer Library Newsletter as the primary vector for publicizing its program information such as access codes for downloading the program manual and ordering approved materials. Upon subscribing, be sure to download the newsletter’s contact file from the confirmation screen and add it to your email addresses in order to prevent rerouting by a spam filter.

Texas Family Place Library Project Newsletter

TSLAC uses the Texas Family Place Library Project Newsletter as the primary vector for publicizing program information and Texas specific updates to TSLAC grantees. Grantees are invited to subscribe upon being awarded their grant. Please contact us if you need to subscribe.

TSLAC Youth and Teen Programs and Services Website

This suite of webpages is the online home for evergreen information about TSLAC’s youth services including the Texas Summer Library Program, Texas Summer Food Program, and the Texas Family Place Libraries Project.

TSLAC Youth Services Facebook Group

This is a private Facebook community for professional sharing and discussion related to Youth Services in public libraries in Texas. The resources and discussions will focus on youth services for public libraries, but people from all library environments are welcome to join. This is a space where members can pose questions for the brain hive and directly engage other library workers in Texas about their programs. While anyone can find the page, they must be members to see and create posts. In a state as large as Texas, this is just one more way that youth services library workers can get to know one another, create partnerships, and share ideas and information.

TSLAC Youth Services Updates

In this monthly post on TSLAC’s Library Developments blog, we provide a roundup of upcoming opportunities and ongoing tools pertaining to youth services that have come to our attention over the past month. Although you can subscribe to the entire blog, there’s no easy way to subscribe to the Youth Services Updates exclusively. Alternatively, you can bookmark the link and create a Google alert to notify you of updates.


For more information, visit our youth services page, contact Christina Taylor at ld@tsl.texas.gov, or call 512-463-5465.

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