Closing Soon: Applications for the Family Place Libraries Project Grant will close 10/1/2024

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APPLICATIONS WILL CLOSE SOON! This year’s Family Place Libraries Project grant application will close for submissions on Sunday, October 1, 202124 at 11:59 PM. The application is entirely online and can be accessed after logging into the TSLAC Grants Management System (GMS).

The links below will, respectively, take you to the Family Place Libraries Project resources webpage where you can peruse the notice of funding opportunity and the GMS site so you can log in to begin your application:



What is a Family Place Library?

The Family Place Libraries initiative promotes a national model for centering public libraries as welcoming, developmentally appropriate early learning environments for children under age five, their parents, and caregivers. Based on research about the importance of early brain development, the Family Place Library supports the essential role of parents as first teachers and addresses the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of child development to help build a foundation for learning during the critical first years of life. By partnering and working with other social, health, and educational services providers, the Family Place model aims to ensure that all children enter school ready and able to learn and positions libraries as key early childhood and family support organizations within the local community.

How does participating in the TSLAC initiative benefit my library?

Active membership in the Family Place Libraries network, provides libraries:

  • Access to the membership community and networking opportunities available in person and virtually.
  • Professional development, workshops, and continuing education
  • National recognition as an accredited Family Place Library
  • Ongoing technical assistance and site support
  • Access to annually updated professional resources and communication toolkits
  • Free membership and dashboard for Bright By Text to help promote your early childhood services.

Family Place Libraries staff provides technical assistance and site support to all network libraries, including ongoing consultation from the national staff.

As this project is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), the TSLAC staff provides grant administration services. And if chosen to participate, libraries can expect to have their staff members’ attendance at the Family Place Libraries training institute funded as well as receive up to $700 in travel stipends per attendee. Moreover, following training, TSLAC will reimburse participating libraries up to $6,000 to purchase the supplies necessary to launch a successful Family Place Library location at their facility.

What will participation in the TSLAC initiative entail?

The core elements of the Family Place Libraries initiative include training in the Family Place model, the creation of an early childhood space, and the development of special programs in collaboration with local community partners. Thus, the TSLAC grant will provide funding for the equipment and training necessary for each library to:

  • Host workshops for children ages 0-3 and their caregivers.
  • Develop an interactive space for this age group to play and learn in the library.
  • Forge strong partnerships with organizations serving young children and their families.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, visit the grant announcement

DEADLINE: Sunday, October 1, 2024


For more information, visit our youth services page, contact Christina Taylor at, or call 512-463-5465.

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