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NTLP Board Member Positions Open

2012 September 6
by Christina Manz

On behalf of dona weisman, NTLP Director of Consulting Services.

Do you know of anyone who would be a good addition to the NTLP Board

Due to resignations and the current Board’s decision to increase the number of Board members to a total of 11, SIX of the 11 positions will need to be filled for FY 2013.

Since NTLP no longer serves as home of NTRLS, its Board members no longer must be affiliated with any library (although we would hope that they’re strong library supporters), and our Board members no longer must come from any particular geographic region.

Those wishing to volunteer to serve on our Board are asked to submit via email to dona NO LATER THAN Monday September 10 the following:
• Their name, as they want to be known by our library Partners
• A Statement of Purpose (Why they support NTLP enough to volunteer for its Board)
• A resume OR short summary of experiences / expertise
• A photo

In addition, all potential NTLP Board members are invited to register for and join us at NTLP’s Annual Membership Meeting in Denton, although participation at that meeting is not required for those wishing to serve on NTLP’s Board.

NTLP Annual Membership Meeting in Denton
Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Everyone is welcome to attend. Representatives from partner libraries are especially encouraged to attend, but others are also welcome.
Register online.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding serving on the NTLP Board

How often does the group meet?
The group meets at least quarterly but may meet more often provided that the meeting announcement is sent to each Board member at least 14 calendar days (10 calendar days for special meetings) in advance. Additionally some Board members meet with Board-appointed committees, and those committees usually meet quarterly at this time.

What is the length of a Board member’s term?
According to NTLP’s Bylaws, all Board members shall serve three-year terms. A Board member may be re-elected for one consecutive term and qualifies for re-election after sitting out one term. HOWEVER, because NTLP’s Board is evolving with the membership-driven nonprofit at this time, some of the people elected to the Board in FY 2013 will serve only one year, others two years and others 3 years, and those terms will be decided by a straw vote.

What are the powers and duties of the Board?
According to NTLP’s bylaws, the Board of Directors shall have all the powers necessary to operate the Corporation, including but not limited to the power to:
(a) Sue and be sued in its own name;
(b) Contract;
(c) Employ an Executive Director to serve at the Board’s pleasure, who shall appoint all other employees;
(d) Authorize a compensation plan for employees;
(e) Receive money, property and services from a Partner’s governing body, or any government, private individual, foundation, business or other sources of funds;
(f) Expend the money and use the property and services to carry out the purposes of the Corporation;
(g) Rent, lease, lease with an option to purchase, or purchase property for the use of the Corporation;
(h) Adopt and amend policies for the administration of the Corporation and to authorize expenditures;
(i) Approve the Annual Plan of Service, including any amendments, and any Long Range Plans formulated with input from the Partners;
(j) Appoint standing and special committees;
(k) Hold special Corporation meetings as the need arises, notice having been given to Partners at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of the meeting;
(l) Hire a certified public accountant to provide accounting and financial advice to the staff and to
the Board and to perform an independent annual audit;
(m) Employ a general counsel to serve at the Board’s pleasure;
(n) Approve all grant applications;
(o) Solicit funds from private and governmental sources;
(p) Approve new Partners; and
(q) Hold such other duties and powers as are usually vested in the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization.

Is NTLP’s Board of Directors covered by liability insurance?

Questions? Contact dona weisman by e-mail OR at 817-773-7174.

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