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Summer Reading Club Poster Preview

2009 October 23
by Katherine Adelberg

 Here in Library Development, we’re  always very proud of the work of the artists and authors who create essential pieces of the summer reading clubs, as are the TLA advisory committees that help us plan and promote the clubs.  With coordination by Christine McNew, Youth Services Consultant, communication between the advisory committees, artists, and authors about the processes involved in bringing the reading clubs to you, are made to look easy.  In reality, much planning and preparation  goes on behind the scenes.  We’d like to celebrate the  hard work of our staff and advisory committee members since the 2010 artwork and programming manual are nearing completion.  There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing all the elements come together in a comprehensive program we know children and teens will like.  And now,  here’s a preview of  the posters coming for 2010! (drumroll please)…..

The 2010 Texas Teens Read! theme is Within Arms Reach…The Future is Yours!  Illustrator Angela Martini rendered a poster, certificate, bookmark, and clip art with bold colors, featuring teen caricatures with a variety of expressions and unique looks. 
Texas Teens Read! Poster for 2010

Texas Teens Read! Poster for 2010

The 2010 Texas Reading Club theme is Catch the Reading Express!   The sweeping movement in the poster by illustrator, Kim Donor, invites us all to climb aboard and join the animated children delighting in their ride on the reading express.   

TRC Poster 2010

TRC Poster 2010

Of course, we haven’t stopped work on the summer reading clubs.   Christine and the advisory committees are already hard at work planning the 2011 and 2012 programs.  In fact, the 2011 Texas Reading Club artist (Keith Graves) just finished his proofs for the poster, bookmark, certificate and clip art.  Sorry, you’ll have to wait ’til next Fall to see what he did with the Dig Up A Good Book theme!

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