Changing Libraries – New Ways of Working Webinar with Rachel Van Riel on April 3

The Texas State Library & Archives Commission is pleased to announce a new addition to our Spring 2013 Webinar schedule – we are very excited to have Rachel Van Riel (Director of UK-based Opening the Book) present a very timely (and as always, free and user friendly) Webinar:

Changing Libraries – New Ways of Working

April 3, 2013 — 10am to 11am CDT

Rachel Van Riel (Director, Opening the Book) introduces the thinking behind new library practice in the UK and the evidence on user behavior which underlies the new approach. In particular, she will look at how the introduction of self-service changes the role and daily tasks of library staff and how to help staff adjust to feeling comfortable working away from the help desk in a library space. Rachel will look at how these changes can lead to better experiences for patrons and more job satisfaction for staff.

If Rachel’s name sounds familiar, it is because she presented two Webinars for us in July 2010 and January 2011 on Reader-Friendly Library Design. We received rave reviews for Rachel’s presentation – for her content as well as for her contagious enthusiasm. Here are just a few of the glowing comments participants sent in:

“I could have listened to Rachel Van Riel for hours! Her slides, photographs and commentary were all so well presented the time simply flew by. This is a fascinating topic and gave me much to think about.”

“This was an outstanding Webinar.  Please invite Rachel Van Riel back again.  From my standpoint as both a librarian and an interior designer she really brought it together.” 

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!!  Best webinar ever.  I’m ready to revolutionize our library!”                

“Fantastic! This is the best webinar I have attended after over twenty years in the library profession – thanks so much! Does Rachel have any job openings? I would relocate to the UK in a heartbeat to work/intern with her – just love her ideas and enthusiasm! Thanks for the opportunity to attend this wonderful webinar without a registration fee attached.”

For more information and to register for this Webinar, please visit our Upcoming Webinars page at: . (Click the red “register” icon next to the event title to register and explore the page for general information about our Webinars.)

Questions? Please contact:

Naomi DiTullio, Distance Learning Consultant
Library Development and Networking Division
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Phone: 1-800-252-9386 (Texas only) or 512-936-2586
Fax: 512-936-2306

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