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May 2013: Free CE and Training Options Online

2013 April 30
by Christina Manz

Here’s our monthly reminder of free training on the web. Confirm date and time when you pre-register, or follow the links for archive information. Webinars listed in Central Time.

Wednesday May 1, 2013
What Does a Successful Internship Look Like?
(NCompass Live)
From advertising for the position to saying goodbye, thoughtful planning of an internship will go a long way to making the experience meaningful for you and your intern. Kathryn Brockmeier, from the Nebraska Library Commission, will also discuss ways your library and your community can benefit from an internship at your library. Time for brainstorming and sharing will follow the presentation.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Disaster Plan Series: Part 2: Make a Plan with dPlan (SLRM)
Mayday!  Mayday!  May 1st is MayDay, the day when records managers and archivists are encouraged to take small steps to protect their essential and historical records.  This MayDay, we will be offering a webinar on using the free online disaster planning tool dPlan™ to create a Disaster Preparedness Plan for your records.
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.

Thursday May 2, 2013
Sizzling Spring Cookbook Buzz (LJ)
Break out those farmer’s market carts, uncover that barbecue grill, and unfold your best checkered picnic blanket. Warm weather is an invitation to cook!  Fantastic meals for sunny spring celebrations and family dinners start with fresh ingredients and fresh ideas.  Join us for our Sizzling Spring Cookbook Buzz, and inspire your patrons to cook up something special! 
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Friday May 3, 2013 
Tech Tools with Tine: 1 Hour of MS Office Tricks
Want a concise demo of how one tool works from a veteran software trainer with a little library context thrown in?  Well, that’s our Tech Tools with Tine series!   In this Webinar, Tine will focus on Microsoft Office, revealing some lesser known tricks of the world famous word processor.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Designing Your Courses for Significant Learning vs Covering the Content (TLT Group)
FridayLive! “Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses” was first published in 2003. A lot has happened and things have changed over the past 10 years. Dee Fink and Stewart Ross will share lessons learned, provide examples and solicit examples and input from you.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

TEA Update (TLA)
Karen Kahan of the Texas Education Agency will brief librarians on the latest information, resources, and initiatives for school librarians.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Monday May 6, 2013

B-Ready: Building College and Career Readiness with Digital Resources (SLJ)
School librarians play a key role in ensuring that students have the tools and knowledge to succeed. Now, in light of the Common Core’s increased emphasis on college, career, and world readiness, is your school library equipped with the right next-generation digital resources for mastering 21st century skills? What criteria should librarians use to evaluate the digital resources available to students? And how can you best coach students to look at the resources they encounter online with the same discerning eye?
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Tuesday May 7, 2013
Summer Reading Programs and Literature Resource Center
Summer Reading Programs are coming up fast. LuAnn Harrison Implementation and Training Specialist-Gale Cengage Learning will conduct a one hour session on using the Literature Resource Center to help develop your summer reading programs. Attending this webinar will earn you 1 hour of Continuing Education Credit.
Time: 9:30-10:30 a.m.

LibraryYOU: Library as Content Creator (WebJunction)
Learn how the Escondido Public Library partnered with local experts to create digital content for the library’s collection. Funded by an LSTA grant, the LibraryYOU project consists of a digital media studio, a website, and public training classes encouraging community members to share their knowledge and learn how to communicate through digital media formats. LibraryYOU helps strengthen connections with local businesses, establishing the library as a technology leader in the community.
Time: 12-1:00 p.m.

Worlds of the Imagination: What’s New in SF/Fantasy (Booklist)
Science fiction and fantasy remain greatly popular among genre fiction readers and are gaining new fans fast! In this hour-long, free webinar, hear what series promise to hit it big and what authors have upcoming volumes. Expand your universe without leaving your seat as representatives from Baen, Galaxy Press, Tor, and Tu Books cover titles for all ages. Moderated by Booklist Adult Books editor Brad Hooper.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Technology Training at the Library: Being an Accidental Technology Trainer (TSLAC)
1 of 4 in series, Texas Library Staff Only. In this session Stephanie will provide an introduction to the library’s growing role in the area of technology training.  She will discuss the training cycle, explain various models for technology training at the library and address the most common concerns of new trainers. Let’s make your training job easier, more fun, and an even better learning experience for your participants!
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.

Wednesday May 8, 2013
5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity
The workplace is an unprecedented minefield of constant demands from other people, technology, and a nonstop workday. We are forced to make critical decisions under pressure, creating a personal energy crisis that prevents us from thinking clearly and achieving extraordinary results. To succeed in this new work world, we need to learn how to make good decisions, focus our attention, integrate our technology and sustain high energy day in and day out.
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.
Behind the Scenes with Gale Publishing Stories (LJ)
From business essentials to your love for literature, our publishing stories are diverse and rich. You have the unique opportunity to learn the story behind the Gale Business Insights Handbook series and the Gale Literature of Society series, along with details about the editorial boards, trivia, and rare insight into the rigorous publishing process– straight from Gale’s experienced publishing team.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Grant Research at the Foundation Center Libraries (TLA)
Join Ellen Moutos-Lee and Angela Gooden of the Regional Foundation Library from the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin for a tour of the incredible resources at the Cooperating Collections. These treasure houses of grant and scholarship information are terrific places to identify and research potential grants for any purpose.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Thursday May 9, 2013
Grantwriting with Jennifer Peters
Learn the basics of applying for grants from the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Partners in Education. Jennifer Peters has extensive experience in researching and writing applications for funds from a wide variety of donors.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Library Learning Goes Online
(American Libraries Live)
Live panel discussions on hot issues by the experts.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Hooking Reluctant Readers with Middle Grade Series
Engaging a reluctant reader can be difficult for librarians, teachers, and parents. But getting the right books in their hands makes all the difference in their reading growth. In this hour-long, free webinar, authors Nick Bruel (Bad Kitty), Tommy Greenwald (Charlie Joe Jackson), Obert Skye (The Creature From My Closet), and Janet Tashjian (My Life As) will discuss their pitch-perfect books for middle grade reluctant readers in a conversation led by Booklist editors, Ilene Cooper and Gillian Engberg.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Fall 2013 Librarian Preview (SLJ)
Get the inside scoop and sneak peek  at Lerner’s new series, nonfiction titles, middle grade and YA fiction, graphic novels, and picture books for grades K-12 coming this January. Plus, learn about new digital offerings, as well as supports for Common Core State Standards, and free teaching guides, reader’s discussion guides, classroom activities, and websites that make lesson planning easy.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Friday May 10, 2013

Tech Tools With Tine: 1 Hour of New Prezi (TSLAC)
Want a concise demo of how one tool works from a veteran software trainer with a little library context thrown in?  Well, that’s our Tech Tools with Tine series!   In this Webinar, Tine returns to Prezi, the cloud-based presentation tool, which recently upgraded its interface.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Voice & Sound (TLT Group)
FridayLive! This week’s interactive discussion will be about voice and sound effects  in asynch, online, hybrid education/communication and movies.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Tuesday May 14, 2013
Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center
Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center offers detailed “how-to” instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of virtually every hobby enthusiast. This database provides full text from leading hobby and craft magazines covering the topics of gardening, needlecrafts, scrapbooking, collecting and much more.
Time: 10-10:30 a.m.

Home Improvement Reference Center (TexShare)
This demonstration features searching within the Home Improvement Reference Center to find full-text content from leading home improvement magazines. We’ll explore images not found anywhere else online and videos of popular home repair projects. Topics covered include remodeling, electrical work, plumbing, wood projects and more.
Time: 11-11:30 a.m.

Library Services to Immigrants & Access to Information (REFORMA/ALA)
The content of the webinar includes examples from REFORMA members who have dealt with these types of situations, action taken and recommendations based on their experience. REFORMA will share resources to help librarians to advocate for services for immigrants and multi-ethnic populations. The ALA Washington Office will share points about how to effectively communicate with elected officials and government agencies. The ALA Office for Diversity will present strategies and recommendations.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

WHAT DO I DO NOW? Handling Challenging Situations with Mentally Ill and Homeless Library Users, Part 1
Part 1 of 2. To a great extent, libraries’ users behave within the framework of acceptable social norms. But a subset of users in all libraries – large, small, urban, rural, suburban, special and academic – behave outside these norms, placing stress on the staff and other users. Whether the behaviors are exhibited by those who are homeless, mentally ill or just plain rude, providing your staff with limit-setting and self-care skills can turn challenging situations into empowering ones. San Francisco Public Library has turned to other City agencies to assist staff in gaining skills and strategies for responding to these situations.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Friends of Large Public Libraries
Tim Staley, Executive Director of the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation, will describe the recent successes of his organization and how other libraries might undertake similar projects.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Technology Training at the Library: Planning and Promoting Technology Training (TSLAC)
2 of 4 in series, Texas Library Staff Only. How will you build technology training at your library? How will you get the local community excited about your new services? In this session Stephanie will offer practical guidance on getting organized, deciding what topics to offer, planning workshops, setting learning objectives and promoting classes. You’ll learn how using a simple lesson plan template can yield big results in saving time, extending learning and building flexibility into your training.
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.

Wednesday May 15, 2013
Planning: A Small Library’s Strategies for Tech Success
We all know that planning is important, but the nature of technology can make planning for it especially daunting. How do you decide what technology services to include in your plans? How do you know what your community wants and needs? How do you plan for an unknown future?  And once you have created a plan, how do you move beyond the document to the implementation?
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Making I.T. Happen! A Toolkit for Building Collaborative Relationships with your IT Department (Colorado State Library)
IT folks carry the stigma of being particularly non-collaborative, but the stereotype of the loner programmer barricaded in a cubicle is not necessarily accurate. The growing number of collaborative projects between library public services and IT departments make it necessary to examine relationships and create excellent communications for resulting success. This program will discuss proven management and collaborative techniques for building relationships, through self-assessment and teambuilding techniques, and will offer a glimpse into how strong relationships between IT and public services libraries can lead to award-winning and innovative projects.
Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Grants Available from the Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS)
Discover the wide array of grants and resources from the federal level. Sponsored by TLA.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Planning an Adult Program on a Budget: Creative Library Program Solutions (InfoPeople)
This webinar will introduce the beginning program coordinator to the basic tools necessary to plan, implement and evaluate successful library programs for adult programming on a budget. From book discussions and author visits to craft programs and film screenings, this webinar is designed to help public librarians create programming that underscore the role of the public library as an important cultural, recreational and educational institution in the community.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Thursday May 16, 2013
Assistive Technology (AT) Latest and Greatest
Hosted by AT Network. Presented by Debbie Drennan and Janet Nunez. Trends in Assistive Technology – The Latest from 2013 ATIA and CSUN Conference.
Time: 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Friends of Small Public Libraries (TLA)
Join a panel of leaders from the Friends of the Alpine Public Library for a review of some exemplary initiatives that you may want to try at your institution.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Be the Change: Raise the Bar with Effective Collaborations (SLJ)
Get the big picture and nitty gritty on what you need to about how to pull off collaborations that work–with peers, principals, public libraries, parents, and others—using partnerships as well as technology to turn gaps into opportunities for learning and leadership. Takeaway: 10 Keys to Collaboration, and 10 Models Worth Stealing.
Time: 5-6:00 p.m.

Friday May 17, 2013

Tech Tools With Tine: 1 Hour of Wikis (TSLAC)
Want a concise demo of how one tool works from a veteran software trainer with a little library context thrown in?  Well, that’s our Tech Tools with Tine series!   In this Webinar, Tine will focus on wikis, the collaboratively-created websites developed by communities of users.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Monday May 20, 2013
Leading and Communicating Change (LLAMA, TSLAC hosted webinar)
Elliott Shore (Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries) is a nationally-recognized figure with many years of experience as a library administrator, author, and speaker.  He will discuss change management with a focus on leadership and communication.
Time: 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Tuesday May 21, 2013
WHAT DO I DO NOW? Handling Challenging Situations with Mentally Ill and Homeless Library Users, Part 2
Part 2 of 2. A partnership between the San Francisco Public Library and the local Department of Public Health resulted in the placement of a social worker at the Main Library to link users to housing and social services. Eventually a job-training component was added, providing opportunities to develop marketable skills for people who had been homeless. Meet and hear the story of a library outreach worker who helps herself by helping others.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Grants Available from the Tocker Foundation (TLA)
Karin Gerstenhaber, Director of Grants Management, will explain the variety of grants and services offered by the Tocker Foundation.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Technology Training at the Library: Technology Training Best Practices (TSLAC)
3 of 4 in series, Texas Library Staff Only. In this session Stephanie will provide an overview of training techniques and best practices, including interactive delivery to maintain student interest, as well as advice on creating useful handouts and presentation materials. Learn how to “let them do it” so students will enjoy the learning process and remember what they’ve learned. Also find out about successful technology training programs from other libraries, including existing online resources for technology training at the library.
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.

Wednesday May 22, 2013
Achieving Intelligent Leadership: How to Unlock Your Full Potential
In today’s business world of fast-and-furiously changing global competitors and precarious economic conditions, determining the answer to this question—and finding people who embody it or could—is urgent. One of today’s most respected experts on identifying and developing high-potential leaders, John Mattone defines great leaders by the strength of their strategic and tactical capabilities as well as their character. In this webcast you’ll hear about his unique leadership self-assessment and development tools and discover how leadership is built on a foundation of three equally critical components: outer-core competencies, inner-core values, and maturity. 
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.

Broadband Adoption Toolkit (WebJunction)
Increasing access and use of information technologies is essential for communities and individuals. Libraries, local government, community-based organizations and businesses are creating a variety of solutions. Some digital inclusion strategies are referred to as “broadband adoption” which includes technology training, broadband awareness, low cost internet service and low cost home computers. NTIA is expected to release a Broadband Adoption Toolkit in May 2013. Join us for a conversation with the creators of the Broadband Adoption Toolkit to discuss what they learned and how the broadband adoption pieces fit together.
Time: 12-1:00 p.m.

Accessibility with WordPress (ATC) – check Wed or Thurs, add calendar
With well over 5 million web sites using WordPress, it’s obvious that the open-source CMS is a huge part of the web eco-system. WordPress has been developed with great attention to HTML semantics and best practices, but there are still holes to fill if you want best practice web accessibility for your web site. Learn about what you can do to improve WordPress on the front-end, in the admin, and what you need to know about themes and plug-ins to keep your site accessible.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Thursday May 23, 2013
Veterans and Public Libraries: What Every Librarian Should Know (InfoPeople)
Do you know how many veterans live in your community, what services they need and how you can help them improve the quality of their lives? Libraries offer a welcoming access point for those seeking benefits, a meeting space for service organizations, events and programs providing resources and a sense of community, and library staff with strength in navigating sometimes complicated information systems. This webinar will review some basic concepts for library professionals who seek to learn more about serving veterans in their community. This webinar focuses primarily on California libraries and veterans, although many of the principles discussed are applicable in libraries throughout the country.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Friday May 24, 2013

Tech Tools With Tine: 1 Hour of Music Fun (TSLAC)
Want a concise demo of how one tool works from a veteran software trainer with a little library context thrown in?  Well, that’s our Tech Tools with Tine series!   In this Webinar, Tine will take you on a tour of several fun (and free) music tools, such as Spotify and Pandora.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Putting EAT (Experience, Apply, Teach) to the Test (TLT Group)
FridayLive! The Experience-Apply-Teach instructional strategy focuses on using technology to introduce course concepts more vividly.  Testimonials from teachers who have used this strategy will be shared.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Tuesday May 28, 2013
Literary Reference Center
The unique Literature Reference Center database contains thousands of full-text documents providing users with information and literary criticism on authors and their works from antiquity to present. LRC is also available on the EBSCOhost interface, but in this workshop we’ll demonstrate it on its own customized interface.
Time: 11-11:30 a.m.

Small Business Reference Center (TexShare)
In this 30- minute session, we’ll discuss the specially-designed Small Business Reference Center interface and browse top business categories. We’ll explore small business and entrepreneurial subject areas, including common business types, and find advice for creating business plans that lead to successful funding. We’ll also look at the business videos that provide critical information for business owners: interviews, ‘lessons learned’ features, lectures and ‘how to’ videos.
Time: 1-1:30 p.m.

Technology Training at the Library: Improving Technology Training (TSLAC)
4 of 4 in series, Texas Library Staff Only. Technology is always changing, which means that staying relevant, especially when it comes to training on the newest technologies, is an on-going process.  In this session Stephanie will discuss how even the most basic program evaluation can help you improve and evolve classes to meet the changing needs of your community.  We’ll also discuss how to solve difficult situations that you may encounter.
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.

Wednesday May 29, 2013
eDiscovery for Records Managers (SLRM)
This webinar is for state and local government records management personnel who would like to understand the issues and processes of electronic records discovery and litigation.  Guest presenter Joe Venturella will discuss topics relating to litigation holds; penalties and sanctions; the Records Management Officer’s role in discovery; and the benefits of having a solid, proactive Records Management program.  Mr. Venturella has over 12 years of experience in the areas of data retention, preservation, collection, and processing.
Time: 10-11:30 a.m.

Grants Research with GrantStation (TLA)
This special webinar will explore the GrantStation database, available at a discount for Institutional Members of the Texas Library Association., Inc. offers nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies the opportunity to identify potential funding sources for their programs or projects as well as resources to mentor these organizations through the grantseeking process.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Thursday May 30, 2013
Trust at Work: Four Keys to Building Better Work Relationships
(The Ken Blanchard Companies)
The ability to build and maintain trusting relationships is a key competency for today’s leaders.  Yet despite leaders’ good intentions, only a small percentage of today’s workers say that their employer genuinely listens to and cares about its employees. Without trust, people hold back information, effort, creativity, loyalty—all the human variables that lead to personal satisfaction and organizational success. To create happy people and thriving organizations, leaders need to tackle trust head-on.
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.

Libraries & E-government (ALA and iPAC)
As governments continue to move services online, many public libraries need assistance providing the public with the government services that they need. To assist libraries in providing e-government services to patrons, the American Library Association (ALA) and the Information Policy & Access Center (iPAC) at the University of Maryland will host a webinar for participants to learn how to use LibEGov ( ), an easy-to-use web tool that helps libraries serve the e-government needs of their communities.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Grant Management with Laura Browning (TLA)
Congratulations, you were awarded that critical grant for your outstanding project! Now what? Learn how to monitor and manage your new funds to maintain your relationship with your donor as well as your legal requirements.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

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