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Opportunity to Host an ALA Online “Handy Tech Tools for Library Outreach” Workshop

2013 April 23

Learn how to freshen and expand your outreach using social media.  We have a great FREE opportunity for Texas libraries to host an upcoming ALA TechSource online workshop called “Handy Tech Tools for Library Outreach.”

Date/Time of Workshop:  Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from 1:30 – 3:00pm CST.

Description:  Solid social media standbys like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are a good start.  But you could be overlooking other free or low-cost web-based tools that have the potential to save time while boosting your library’s outreach.  In this fun, informative workshop librarian and academic technology coordinator Sarah Ludwig looks closely at tech tools both new and old, including:

  • Ways to freshen up your social media outreach with creative uses of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • What new tools such as, Learnist, Weebly, and Branch can do for you
  • How to use Twitter to highlight new acquisitions and resources
  • How to draw attention to your programs by choosing the right tool for your audience
  • Understanding your options and planning strategically

Full Description here:

What do you need to do to host?

1. Libraries hosting the event must have 3 or more people viewing at one location.

2. Libraries must designate one site coordinator for the online workshop.

3. Site coordinator must report back to TSLAC on the total number of library staff that attended the group viewing using our online survey form.  Coordinator also ensures that attendee data is received by TSLAC.

4. Site coordinator must fill out a short online evaluation via email after the event in order for us to gauge the impact of providing this content.

5. Reach out to area libraries to invite them to watch at your library.  A simple email invite to local libraries or colleagues is appreciated.

6. Your site must have reliable and decent access to the internet and you must be willing to set up a computer to run Webex (relatively simple process) to view the live workshop.

Apply to be a host before May 17, 2013!  Interested Host Libraries Sign Up Here:

A minimum number of 25 libraries must be interested in hosting this event in order for us to pursue the purchase of the group license.  When we get our minimum number, we’ll contact the host libraries with additional information.  For those that would like to attend, we’ll also post a list of host sites around the state on our blog.

Questions?  Contact Thea Blair at, (512) 463-5465, or (800) 252-9386.

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