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Hosting Opportunity for an “Improve Your Library’s Mobile Services” Online Workshop

2013 July 24

Mobile Devices

Learn how to make your library’s resources more accessible to mobile devices, and get up-to-date on the latest “best practices” for building and enhancing your mobile presence! We have a FREE opportunity for Texas libraries to host an upcoming ALA TechSource 90-minute online workshop called “Improving Your Library’s Mobile Services.” Apply to be a host before August 8, 2013!

Date/Time of Online Workshop Viewing:  Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 1:30 – 3:00pm CST.

Description:  Making your library’s website and resources more accessible to mobile devices like iPads and Smartphones is essential. In this workshop viewing, presenter Bohyun Kim will show you how to understand the mobile web with an eye towards improving your library’s mobile services.

After completing this workshop, you’ll understand the difference between the mobile web and the desktop web, the basic components of a library mobile website and how the mobile web has evolved in the last 2-3 years. You will be able to critically assess the usefulness of a given library mobile website, and create strategies for improvement.   Topics include:

  • The significance of the mobile web for libraries
  • How the mobile web has changed library user behavior
  • Current mobile library practices
  • Best practices for building a mobile presence and bringing your library up-to-date
  • Engaging in marketing, outreach and content-building on the mobile web

Presenter Bohyun Kim is the Digital Access Librarian at Florida International University Medical Library in Miami, Florida. She has has worked in web services, e-resources management, digitization, reference, and instructional technologies.  She was also a 2011 American Library Association Emerging Leader.

Full Description  of Workshop Here:

What do you need to do to host?

1. Libraries hosting the event must have 3 or more people viewing at one location.

2. Libraries designate one site coordinator for the online workshop.

3. Site coordinator reports back to TSLAC on the total number of library staff that attended the group viewing using our online survey form.  Coordinator also ensures that attendee data is received by TSLAC.

4. Site coordinator fills out a short online evaluation after the event in order for us to gauge the impact of providing this content.

5. Reach out to area libraries to invite them to watch at your library.  A simple email invite to local libraries or colleagues is appreciated.

6. Your site should have reliable and decent access to the internet and you must be willing to set up a computer to run Webex (relatively simple process) to view the live workshop.

Interested Host Libraries Sign Up Here:

A minimum number of 10 libraries need to be interested in hosting this event in order for us to pursue the purchase of the group license.  When we get our minimum number, we’ll contact the host libraries with additional information.  For those that would like to attend, we’ll also post a list of host sites around the state on our blog.

Questions?  Contact Thea Blair at, (512) 463-5465, or (800) 252-9386.

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