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Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries – Technology Plan Fundamentals (Chapter One)

2014 December 8
by Henry Stokes

You Can Do I.T!Back in November the State Library sent copies of the LITA guide Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries to public libraries serving populations under 25,000, but this book is also a good overview and introduction to technology in different sizes and types of libraries, and is an excellent complement to the Edge Assessment.

I just finished Chapter One, “Technology Plan Fundamentals” by Rene J. Erlandson. Everyone loves a good Technology Plan. Yes, it is no longer required for E-rate, but it is required for accreditation as a part of your library’s Long Range Plan. On pg. 3 is this good reminder about Technology Plans:
“…technology will be used to SUPPORT the mission of the library.” (Emphasis in this post are mine)

In this chapter Erlandson discusses reviewing the success of past and current technology initiatives (pg. 5-7), and states, “in order to remain relevant over time the plan must be reviewed and updated regularly.” This reminds me of the tools available through the Edge Assessment.

Besides what is listed at the end of the books first chapter, here are other planning resources:
1., described on the Edge site HERE, can be used to check the speed of internet connections on each of your computers.

2. Documenting IT
I wrote this page while at CTLS, Inc., so it is a few years old, but describes tools you can use for documenting your technology resources. Contact me if you have difficulty with any of the links. With writing a technology plan, the first place is documenting what you have so you know what you need.

3. From TechSoup, “Joy of Computing – Planning for Success

Contact Henry Stokes or Holly Gordon if you need help with your technology plan, and send your plan to us if you would like to share it with others. And please contact Jennifer Peters for more information on the Edge Assessment.

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