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Free CE and Training This Week – September 14-18

2015 September 13
by Christina Manz

Here’s a weekly reminder of free training on the web. Confirm date and time when you pre-register, or follow the links for archive information. Webinars listed in Central Time. See the full September listing, and check the calendar to see what’s happening today.

Monday September 14, 2015
Return to Relevance: Including and Unleashing Everyone in Shaping the Future (WA State Library)
In this roll up your sleeves virtual workshop series, we will gain clarity on the relevance and purpose of our work together in libraries. We will introduce and immediately apply Liberating Structures—methods designed to include and unleash everybody in shaping next steps. Themes to be explored may include: attracting more patrons, generating and broadcasting an exciting library narrative, support of early learning, and bridging the digital divide. We will make fast progress on problems facing libraries and librarians while learning a new approach to handle any challenge that arises. Note: Part 3 of 3 part series. Archives will be available.
Time: 10:30-12:00 p.m.

Tuesday September 15, 2015
You Belong @ your library: Programming for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (Programming Librarian)
Library programming offers people with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to learn, socialize, assert their independence and find their place in their community. Since January 2014, the New Port Richey (Fla.) Public Library has offered monthly art and literacy classes for various adult day training schools. Kuni will share her insights from that process, including how to develop meaningful programs for adults with special needs, how to keep the program relevant to school needs, and how to keep the program running on a low budget. Loudoun County Public Library’s Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC) offers bi-weekly opportunities, rather than occasional outings, for adults with intellectual disabilities to read and learn together — regardless of reading ability. Program organizer Linda Holtslander will share how the book club operates, including how to become a NCBC affiliate, community partnerships, funding, recruitment of book club members and volunteers, book selection and location.
Time: 12-1:00 p.m.

Isn’t It Romantic?: New Romance Titles for Your Library (Booklist)
Readers love to snuggle up with a good romance novel, enjoying all the drama, suspense, or humor that leads to a happily-ever-after ending. Join Booklist for an hour-long webinar full of scintillating romance possibilities as Baker Publishing Group, Riptide, Samhain, and Shadow Mountain present intriguing forthcoming romances. Booklist senior editor Donna Seaman will moderate.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Free Resources to Help Your Community Make Better Informed Money Decisions (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is teaming up with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to tell you about a national initiative to make your library the go-to resource in your community for smart, unbiased, and free financial help and information. The CFPB is working with regional and national partners to provide libraries across the country with free publications, worksheets, program ideas, training, promotional materials, and in-person workshops. This effort started one year ago with help and advice from nine libraries across the country. It was built by librarians for librarians. Today, libraries in more than 600 communities in all 50 states (and on some military bases overseas) have signed on, and we want to make Texas our most successful state yet! Our goal is to be in every community and with your help we can reach that goal.
Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Storytime Underground: A Peer-Created Community (WebJunction)
Library practitioners who provide storytimes have a gold mine of ideas to share and questions to ask of each other. Storytime Underground is your online community to connect with peers and enhance your practice. Learn about Storytime University, where you earn digital badges for participating in professional development activities and learning new skills; learn about Guerrilla Storytime and how to host one in your area (spoiler alert: we give you all the tools you need!). Storytime Underground is open and free to anyone interested in storytimes and early literacy, regardless of the level of education or position held. It is created by and for storytime providers everywhere, so join us!
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Wednesday September 16, 2015

Board in the Stacks: Developing a Board Game Collection for Your Library (NCompass Live)
There is currently a booming interest in board games and libraries are just beginning to discover the social, creative, recreational, and educational benefits for patrons. This webinar will provide practical advice for researching, acquiring, cataloging, and preparing a collection for circulation that will meet your community’s specific needs. To do this, we will explore the rules, mechanics, classifications, and themes of a variety of popular modern board games. Additionally we will discuss how to plan, host, and maintain a thriving board gaming night. And, of course, no board game talk would be complete without a list of the current Top Ten Board Games at the Bucks County Library System.
Time: 10-11:00 a.m.

Online Book Discussion: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (SCRLC)
Join South Central Regional Library Council for an online book discussion. We will be discussing Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering by determining which items “spark joy.” And why has this book been such a success? Marketing? A new sociological phenomenon?
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.

Playful Learning in the Library (Demco)
Play spaces encourage the development of literacy skills through active and experiential learning. As part of a building-wide renovation in 2014, the Barrington Area Library combined the best parts of libraries and museums to create a hands-on active learning space that touts the benefits of play and brings the whole family back for more. The project team will share connections between play and learning, tips for planning space for play, ideas for developing support among your library staff and tricks they’ve learned since opening day.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Managing Mobile: Library Device Checkout Made Easy (TechSoup)
Are you starting to check out devices like e-readers, tablets, and laptops? Making devices available for public use may seem challenging and overwhelming. However, the right combination of technology, organization, and policies can help your library create a popular checkout program that your patrons will love. Come to this free webinar to learn what some libraries are doing to expand checkout to cover a wide range of devices. Guests will share best practices, tips, and advice to help you get started (or to improve your existing device checkout program).
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Thursday September 17, 2015
Getting Started: Making Your Grant Requests Sparkle (TechSoup)
Are you new to grant writing? This free webinar for TechSoup’s audience (normally $89!) will help you prepare the basic documents needed to write compelling letters of inquiry and grant proposals. Participants come away with a clear picture of exactly what documents they should have on hand and how to polish and present these documents in order to submit successful grants requests. Why not make your first grant proposals not only a joy to write, but also make them stand out from other submissions?
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Speak Up: Supporting Online Language Learning with In-Person Programs (LJ)
Join Will Chan, program administrator for services to new immigrants with Denver Public Library; Sandy Irwin, library director at the Durango Public Library, CO; Jack Marmorstein, Director of Learning Solutions from sponsor Rosetta Stone, Eric Soriano, e-services librarian with the Jacksonville Public Library (JPL), FL; and moderator Erin Shea, ‎Supervisor, Harry Bennett and Weed Hollander Branches at The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT, as they discuss strategies such as cultural programming, volunteer facilitators, and partnerships with community organizations that can take online language learning to the next (reading) level.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Medline Plus (USL)
MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health’s Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. MedlinePlus offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free. You can use MedlinePlus to learn about the latest treatments, look up information on a drug or supplement, find out the meanings of words, or view medical videos or illustrations. You can also get links to the latest medical research on your topic or find out about clinical trials on a disease or condition. Health professionals and consumers alike can depend on it for information that is authoritative and up-to-date.
Time: 2:30-3:00 p.m.

TBA101 – How To Participate in the Texas Bluebonnet Award Program (TLA)
All children and youth librarians are invited to learn how to participate in the Bluebonnet program. Whether you are a public or a school librarian you will learn  about organizing and preparing for the vote, attracting potential audiences to participate, and voting procedures. You will also see the vast array of resources and activities which the committee has put together to support each of the titles on the list.
Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m.

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