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Handling Book Challenges – How-To’s for School & Public Librarians

2016 January 21

The Library Science Collection (LSC) is Texas’s premier Library for Librarians, available at the State Library, and serving all librarians in Texas with access to professional materials. Texas residents can borrow these titles directly from the Library Science Collection by e-mailing requests for materials and information to

The State Library will host the webinar Responding to Challenges: Ensure Your Library is Prepared on February 2nd from 1:30 – 3:00 pm CST. Our speakers will be:

  • Jeanette Larson, Larson Library Consulting. Jeanette will provide strategies to help libraries prepare for challenges.
  • Kate Horan, director of the McAllen Public Library. Kate will discuss the library’s response to a DVD challenge and an informal challenge on Facebook.
  • Courtney Kincaid, former director of the Hood County Library. Courtney will discuss the library’s response to a well-coordinated challenge to several picture books that made national news.

We’ll also allow time for questions. Please register for the webinar and join us on February 2nd!

Books Under Fire: A Hit List of Banned and Challenged Children’s Books
Author: Pat R. Scales ifftapgfyaasl

Intellectual Freedom for Teens: A Practical Guide for Young Adult and School Librarians (2014)
bbcoftr2014 Editors: Kristin Fletcher-Spear and Kelly Tyler

Banned Books: Challenging Our Freedom to Read (2014)
Author: Robert P. Doyle pifapiysl

Protecting Intellectual Freedom and Privacy in Your School Library
pifiyplsftfl (2013) Author: Helen R. Adams

Protecting Intellectual Freedom in Your Public Library: Scenarios from the Front Lines (2012) tsocbial
Author: June Pinnell-Stephens

True Stories of Censorship Battles in America’s Libraries (2012)
ifm2015 Author: Valerie Nye

Intellectual Freedom Manual, 8th edition (2010) 2015, 9th edition is on order. Authors: Trina J. Magi and Martin Garnar for the American Library Association

See previous topics highlighted, including After Banned Books Week – The Next Step.

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