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Dispatches from Texas Libraries – Groesbeck Maffet Public Library

2017 March 20
by Cindy Fisher

In our effort to highlight the libraries that we visit while on our travels, this post is a part of our ongoing blog series titled Dispatches from Texas Libraries where we will raise up a library and the work they are doing for their community.

It was serendipity that brought me to the Groesbeck Maffet Public Library. Just 48 hours before I was to travel to Arlington to support the STEAM in Preschool Storytime Workshop by the dynamic Kim Lehman, Groesbeck Maffet Public Library Director Rhonda Bass had contacted us about a print management issue they were having.  Since I would be in the area, I offered to stop by to check-in and say hello and I’m so very glad that I did!

The Groesbeck Maffet Public Library is a beautiful space, renovated in 2008, and includes an in-house Friends-of the Library-run Not Just Books store, a warm and welcoming genealogy room with a re-purposed stained-glass window, teen area, cozy and interactive children’s room complete with built-in puppet theater and meeting space that they have used to distance genealogy training for their community.

By the time I arrived, they had resolved one issue but were working on fixing a jammed change machine connected to their print management system; this system enables patrons to pay for printing on their own and while it was jammed, printing transactions were complicated. Jamie, library assistant and You Can Do I.T. graduate, set to work installing a replacement part that Envisionware, the vendor for their print management system, had sent them.  I asked to document the process as this is so often the work that librarians do that goes unrecognized!

All in all, it took about 40 minutes to detach, empty, and reload and reconnect the system. It took a bit of fiddling and trial and error, but with patience, a dose of laughter (emptying all the coins made it sound like a casino in the library) and the right tools, we were able to get it fixed. When it was finally up and running, there were cheers from a patron sitting nearby!


It was such a pleasure to visit the Groesbeck Maffet Public Library and to learn first-hand the care and passion that Teresa puts into the collection and programming of the Genealogy Room, and the community-driven and proactive events, technology, and collections that Janie and Rhonda provide.

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