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Free CE and Training This Week – June 12-16

2017 June 11
by Christina Manz

Our weekly listing of free training online and free Texas workshops is updated as new events are added – throughout the week! See what’s happening on the CE calendar. Confirm the date and time when you register, or follow links for archive information. Events listed in Central Time.

Tuesday June 13,2017
Engaged Planning for Rural Libraries
(Utah State Library)
Which communities are served by your library? What are the aspirations of those communities? How can your library help them get there? These answers can be found via your planning process. Cindy Fesemyer will walk you through the steps you might take as you begin planning for your rural library and the community it serves. Starting with a brief peek at data collection options, the webinar will focus on what it means for your library to “turn outward” and secure its place at the heart of your community.
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.

Making and Coding: A More Inclusive Approach to Computing Education (Simple K12)
Are you looking for engaging, interactive ways to help teach students of all levels to code? Join Todd Beard as he explores and explains Microsoft MakeCode – a new approach to computing education that combines the magic of making with the power of code, in a way that engages every student in computational thinking. Discover how to bring computer science to life with fun projects and immediate results.
Time: 1-1:30 p.m.

Where Do I Go From Here? Engage Volunteers in New Ways (VolunteerMatch)
How long do volunteers usually stay with your program? Do you struggle with keeping them interested, involved and engaged? This webinar will help you think about new strategies and help you evolve your program to include new roles and responsibilities for volunteers, pathways for more involvement and leadership positions in your program, how recognition plays a role in retention, and the importance of including continuing education and professional development to keep your volunteers engaged. Tools to help you evaluate your program implement new ideas will be provided.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

50 Years of YA: Part 2 (Booklist)
Our year-long celebration reaches its zenith with several events, including this two-part webinar extravaganza featuring speakers from Little, Brown and Company, Penguin Young Readers, and Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and Scholastic, as well as author Traci Chee (Penguin Young Readers) and others yet to be announced, to hear what they have to say about the past, present, and future of YA lit.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Measures that Matter Part Two: Detailing the Data-based Story of Public Libraries (IMLS and COSLA)
This webinar is the second in a three-part series about the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies’ Measures that Matter initiative, a field-wide discussion of the current state of public library data.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Future Ready Librarians:Empowering Students as Creators (Alliance for Excellent Education)
This webinar will examine how librarians can empower students as creators. Library leaders will share how they encourage and facilitate students to become increasingly self-directed as they create digital products of their learning that engage them in critical thinking, collaboration, and authentic, real-world problem solving.
Time: 3-4:00 p.m.

Wednesday June 14, 2017
How to Inspire and Energize Your People Every Day
(American Management Association)
Everyone wants to be the kind of leader who energizes and mobilizes others—yet too few are. Why is it so challenging to crack the code? Executive coach Kristi Hedges spent years studying exactly what inspiring leaders do differently. Informed by quantitative research and thousands of responses from leaders at all levels, she has determined the core tenets of inspiring communication. In this webcast, Kristi will uncover how anyone can become an inspirational leader, dispelling common myths that get in the way of motivation and engagement.
Time: 11-12:00 p.m.

A Generational Assessment of Trust: How It Can Make or Break Your Organization (Training Industry)
Trust is the foundation of great leadership. The level of trust that we have in our leaders ultimately determines our confidence in their ability to effectively deliver results. Distrust, on the other hand, can breed disengagement, lack of loyalty, diminished returns on investment and reduced productivity. Host Jonathan Darville, master trainer, will review results from a recent study on the generational assessment of trust.
Time: 12-1:00 p.m.

Project Outcome for States: Website & Tool Improvements (Public Library Association)
On May1, 2017, Project Outcome released upgraded tools and features to the Project Outcome website aimed to better serve user needs and provide more flexibility and customization. This webinar will highlight key new features for state library staff and walk users through the new website, including how to use the new survey management tool, state-level survey template creation, and building custom reports. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Creating an Asynchronous Course for Embedded Librarians (North Carolina Library Association)
This webinar will go over the evolution and process of creating an asynchronous course for subject librarians to take prior to being embedded in online courses. Specific topics that will be covered are the balance between personalization and scale in online learning, the decision to make this course an open educational resource for other librarians to use and take, and the assessment and evaluation of the course.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Creating a Culture of Dignity in Your Community: Transforming Difficult Conversations into Meaningful Connections with Your Students (edWeb)
Young people often tune out when educators and parents talk to them about how to use social media responsibly. Join us to learn how to transform difficult conversations with students into meaningful connections.
Time: 3-4:00 p.m.

Thursday June 15, 2017
Difficult Clients: Dealing with Responsive Behaviours
(Charity Village)
This webinar will be of particular interest to healthcare program staff. However, the information presented will also be generally applicable to all nonprofit professionals and leaders who interact with the general public as part of their work.
Time: 12-1:00 p.m.

Developing and Supporting your LGBTQ Collection (Booklist)
Join Booklist and Gale for this free webinar on the importance of LGBTQ titles in your library’s collection. We will review how LGBTQ books can serve an underrepresented population and how to protect these titles from censorship, along with information about self-censorship and tools to empower librarians in their purchasing decisions. We will speak to the essentialness of offering invisible resources to the LGBTQ community and discuss curating a core collection of LGBTQ materials.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Supporting the Research Needs of Rural and Suburban Entrepreneurs (Federal Depository Library Program)
Entrepreneurs around the United States need research support to assist with business planning, seeking funding, and market research. Librarians, in consultation with Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) around the United States, are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of such entrepreneurs. This webinar will discuss partnership arrangements with SBDCs, research on the information needs of entrepreneurs, and will provide real world examples of entrepreneurial needs and discuss the process to answer such questions.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Project Outcome Panel: User Experiences & Lessons Learned (Public Library Association)
The Public Library Association’s Project Outcome is a free service designed to help public libraries understand and share the impact of their programs and services by providing simple, patron surveys and an easy-to-use process for measuring and analyzing outcomes. The panelists on this webinar represent libraries that were part of Project Outcome’s initial launch in June 2015. Hear their experiences using the surveys and tools and how they have made Project Outcome fit their library’s needs. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences.
Time: 1-2:00 p.m.

Convert Supporters with Powerful Landing Pages (Firespring)
With great landing pages, your donors, volunteers and supporters are ten times more likely to donate, sign up, register or engage with your nonprofit. In this session, we will share real-world examples of landing pages that every nonprofit should have and what we have learned from studying the best practices of hundreds of nonprofits.
Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.

The Secrets of the Most-Loved Webinars (Training Magazine Network)
In this webinar, Ray will share with you his secrets and insights:“Why and how I enjoy webinars”, “How to relate to participants”, “How to keep the content highly simple yet very useful”, “How to keep the experience warm, friendly and unforgettable”, “How to inspire learners”, “How to impact your audience, one person at a time”.
Time: 2-3:00 p.m.

Friday June 16, 2017
So, You Want to Run a Kickstarter Campaign? Lessons/Tips for Crowdfunding Your Project
(Connecting to Collections Care)
Crowdfunding, once a novel approach to financing a project, has now become mainstream with multiple hosting platforms to choose from. In this webinar, conservator J. Claire Dean will draw on her extensive experience of running campaigns to highlight the challenges and rewards of using this approach to funding projects. The most popular platforms will be discussed, as will the key factors to organizing, promoting and completing a campaign. The content of the webinar will be aimed at people looking to raise less than $30,000, although the challenges of larger campaigns will be touched on.
Time: 1-2:30 p.m.

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