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Dispatches from Texas Libraries – Tom Green County

2017 May 24
by Kyla Hunt

In our effort to highlight the libraries that we visit while on our travels, this post is a part of our ongoing blog series titled Dispatches from Texas Libraries where we will raise up a library and the work they are doing for their community.

Last week, I enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Stephens Central Library of the Tom Green County Library System to facilitate the Leadership & Management Essentials workshop led by Dr. Julie Todaro. This session is a part of the Small Library Management Training Program; registration is still open for the Augusts session of Leadership & Management Essentials to be held in The Woodlands.

I want to start out by thanking Jill Donegan, the Library Director, and Marcy Bosquett, the Community Room Coordinator, for allowing use of their wonderful and very unique Sugg Community Room. The room, located on the 3rd floor of the Stephens Central Library, is big enough that we could have held at least twice as many people as we had comfortably. The floor has a colorful pattern perfect for keeping participants engaged, and a beautiful and ornate cloud ceiling (you can see pictures of the meeting room in the gallery below).

Stephens Central Library has a lot in common with the unique community that is San Angelo. For example, instead of the traditional coffee shop, the café The Western Ronin provides sandwiches and sushi. In addition to the traditional children’s and teen programming, the library offers STEAM Central, a Makerspace in the basement of Stephens Central offering tools such as a laser cutter, 3d printer, and a long-arm quilter.  Even the outside of Stephens Central reflects its community, both unique and vintage, modern and usable.  This is perhaps best symbolized by the San Angelo sheep statue in front of the library, painted in book and literacy related themes.

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  1. May 24, 2017

    Thank you for an excellent learning & networking opportunity. I am grateful to the Tocker Foundation for making this experience possible.

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