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Staff Highlight: Jennifer Peters

2017 September 27
by Kyla Hunt

As part of our effort to make sure you know who the staff here at the Texas State Library are, we would like to periodically highlight staff members that you may at some point come in contact with! For our second staff highlight, I interviewed Jennifer Peters, our new Director of Library Development and Networking (LDN).

What are your job responsibilities at TSLAC?

I’m still learning them all! This month I’m concentrating on meeting with all of the LDN Division staff to get their ideas on what we’re doing well and what we can improve. It’s so inspiring to hear their thoughts and ideas about how we can better serve Texas libraries. Although we manage many different programs in this Division – including TexShare/TexQuest, inter library loan, grants, face-to-face training, webinars, the Library Science Collection, and more – we are all dedicated to improving library services for Texans and I’m fortunate to work with such a great group of people.

What project have you been the most proud of during your time at TSLAC?

I’m proud of the work I did leading community engagement initiatives at TSLAC, primarily because I got to hear from so many libraries about the great work they were doing in their communities. Our recent project connecting libraries to adult literacy providers involved a lot of moving parts, and could be used as the textbook definition of “flying the plane while building it,” but I think it fostered some productive connections and raised the profile of libraries in new circles. Of note, there’s been some national interest in the partnership between TSLAC and the Texas Workforce Commission, which funded this project.

What was the last book your read/movie you watched/podcast or song you listened to that you enjoyed?

For a while it was all Hamilton all the time, but, more recently, when I cut loose in the car it’s to Beyoncé’s “Freedom.”

What is something about you that people don’t know?

I’m a huge fan of old movies and am particularly obsessed with Hollywood movie stars from the ‘30s and ‘40s.

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  1. September 28, 2017

    Thank you for this!

  2. November 17, 2017

    She deserves it 🙂

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