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Free Webinar: Livin’ On the Edge – Making Technology A Reality For Your Library

2017 November 27
by Cindy Fisher

Did you know as a Texas public library you have a virtual technology consultant at your fingertips free of charge? It’s called Edge! Tune in on Friday, December 8th at 10:00 am to hear how Anacely Lopez, Director of Reeves County Library in small and rural Pecos, TX and Brent Bloechle, Manager of the Davis Library Branch  in urban Plano TX both used the *free* online tool Edge to create a road map for their library’s technology improvements.

Edge is so much more than a survey and can make a huge difference in the way your stakeholders (city council, library board, patrons) see and support your library. This short presentation will be followed by Q&A so bring your questions and even your skepticism; we’re betting we win you over by the end.

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Three clouds in a flow chart showing how books, people, and technolgy are connected to Edge.

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