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Keeping Seniors Safe Online: Fraud Prevention & Privacy Resources

2018 August 29
by Cindy Fisher

Image of a poster for a library program reading "Seniors, Don't Be Scammed!"

Flyer for a library program assisting seniors with scam and fraud prevention.

We recently received a question asked about what materials we might have that address online fraud prevention, especially for seniors. After we compiled the list for our user, we thought others might be interested in these resources, too. So, read on!

In addition to tomorrow’s TSLAC webinar entitled Information Literacy Among the Elderly (free, register here) that will address scams that target seniors, you’ll find more resources below:

The AARP has a few resources that provide information that can assist in creating a workshop or class for your community

  • Catch the Con Quiz (quiz + video explanations)
  • Watchdog Alert Handbook (pdf download with a list of scams to avoid and tips to keep yourself safe)
  • Fraud Watch Network Helpline can be reached at 877-908-3360

The National Caregivers Library has a Fraud Targets guide on things to recognize and be aware for both seniors and caregivers and links to the Texas Consumer Protection offices. Additionally, through them I found a 40 minute video presentation on How to Help Stop Senior Fraud and Scams. has a few tutorials on Internet Safety that would assist in helping seniors keep themselves safe online

The Federal Trade Commission provides a frequently updated scam alerts list as well as an initiative called Pass It On, which provides downloadable outreach materials covering different kinds of scams and fraud schemes.

Additionally, here’s one way that a library has addressed fraud prevention to seniors:

What are some resources that you’ve find helpful to address this topic with your community? Tell us below in the comments or send an email to Cindy Fisher at

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