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Banned Books Week LogoSept. 23-29 is Banned Books WeekBanned Books Week is an annual, national event focusing on the freedom to read. The event, typically scheduled by the American Library Association (ALA) during the last week of September, began in 1982 as a response to an increase in materials challenges. Libraries throughout the country often use the time to provide programs and book displays focusing on free and open access to information.

We realize that libraries may have questions about how to handle a situation where its materials are challenged, so we put together a list of resources for material challenges, Banned Books Week and other intellectual freedom issues.

Web Resources

Banned Books Week website – This resource provides promotional tools for the annual week, update, and other resources from the Banned Books Week Coordinator and the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom in partnership with the Banned Books Week Coalition.

Banned & Challenge Books Guide from the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom – From ALA, this resources provides information on frequently challenged books.

Censorship: Be Prepared for Challenges (WebJunction) – A compact curation of online toolkits and resources to help libraries prepare for challenges.

Intellectual Freedom Handbook – Texas Library Association (TLA) – Includes a link to a Request for Reconsideration form (PDF) as well as information on confidentiality, complaints and challenges, and materials selection.

Responding to Challenges: Ensure Your Library is Prepared (Archived Webinar from the Texas State Library) – This webinar archive, originally recorded in 2016, features Jeanette Larson of Larson Library Consulting; Kate Horan, director of the McAllen Public Library; and Courtney Kincaid, former director of the Hood County Library.


All of the following books are available from the Library Science Collection (LSC) housed at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). The LSC is Texas’ premier library for librarians, located at the TSLAC headquarters in Austin. It provides all Texas librarians with access to professional materials. Texas residents can borrow these titles directly from the LSC by emailing requests for materials and information to

Defending Frequently Challenged Young Adult Books (2016) Author: Pat R. Scales

Intellectual Freedom Manual, 9th edition(2015) 2015. Authors: Trina J. Magi and Martin Garnar for the American Library Association

Scales on Censorship: Real Life Lessons from School Library Journa (2015) Author: Pat R. Scales

Books Under Fire: A Hit List of Banned and Challenged Children’s Books (2015) Author: Pat R. Scales

Intellectual Freedom for Teens: A Practical Guide for Young Adult and School Librarians (2014) Editors: Kristin Fletcher-Spear and Kelly Tyler

Banned Books: Challenging Our Freedom to Read (2014) Author: Robert P. Doyle

True Stories of Censorship Battles in America’s Libraries (2012) Author: Valerie Nye

Texas Libraries Recognizing Banned Books Week

Many libraries throughout Texas are celebrating Banned Books Week in different ways. One interesting example is a Fake News Panel Discussion hosted by the Centennial Library of the Midland County Public Libraries.

Is your library recognizing Banned Books Week? Let us know in the comments!

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